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  1. I am not a fan of this title, but I expected it to be account bound at least. Another disappointment with this event
  2. Oh a tittle, thanks a lot, I know now that my effort and time spent is equal an USELESS AND STUPID TITLE. It's easy to give out everyone a supposed exclusive skin for winners and winners just a simple title than make fair rewards for all people, right? So to make some people happy, you have to make others angry.
  3. If the Butcher skin is exclusive, the Autumn Assault one must be exclusive too. I spent time to get the skin, I got frustrated many times, but I managed to get the skin on 3 characters in less a week and I reach first places many times trying to win. I am not the best apb player or cheater and my pc cannot handle the event, that's not a excuse. So that's why I used the advance launcher to play on minimal settings and have a chance. Luck is important, but it's better take your time and get a good spot and camp instead of trying to kill the first player that you see and die trying again and again just because you have 367473872 players behind you. You need to use your brain. If someone can't play the event for schedule conflicts is not a LO problem. In fact, I missed some old events and it's not the end of the world, I didn't cry on the forums for that reason. The poll is a joke, right? The skin was not intended for all players, only for those who wins the game, it's rare reward. I feel cheated, because I did my best to get the exclusive skin, and now you pretent to give out it to calm crybabies. LO, you should have canceled the event on time, now it's too late to fix your mistakes. Give them other good reward, but respect the winners. And for the next event like this one, fix bugs and make the event on bronze distritcs too for silver and bronze people, I saw silver people won the event so it's not impossible, but I understand that it must be a nightmare play against gold players and very hard or impossible to win for bronze players. Sorry for my bad english.
  4. "Non serviam" If you don't know the meaning, Non Serviam is Latin for "I will not serve", so it follows the Forum Rules and Terms of Service. Thanks!
  5. Hey I am in the same situation, 22 days right now since I sent the ticket but I didn't get any response.
  6. Isami

    Drop FPS

    Thank you very much I suffered the same problem than Karlovy since 2015. And now I don't have fps drops every minute, they didn't dissapear completely but I can tolerate it and enjoy the game finally!
  7. Hello! I have packet loss usually ranging between 1-10 on Citadel and I am connecting from Spain. I am suffering this problem even before the last update (since I came back when LO adquired GamerFirst), I don't have this problem on Jericho or Han. By the way, the packet loss completely disappear at late night (around 1-2am CEST time), when less people are playing... And my connection is fine, I don't have problems in other games.
  8. Citadel is unplayable for me even before the maintenance. I am suffering packet loss only on Citadel, I don't have this problem on Jericho or Han. But the packet loss completely disappear at late night, when less people are playing... interesting. And my connection is fine, I don't have problems in other games.
  9. It would be nice to have sub-forums in other languagues like in the past, but I think that it's not easy to moderate for the english staff (how to deal with a sub-forum moderator doing a bad work in a foreign languague? for example) They are too busy now trying to revive this game, give them time please. It's not time to debate this, maybe in the future. Anyway... People must get out of their comfort zone and learn english. I learnt english playing video games mostly, my english needs to improve but I don't have problems to understand the game or the forum...And yes, I am still alive! ----- Sería genial volver a tener subforos en otros idiomas, pero creo que no es fácil de moderar para el staff inglés (por poner un ejemplo ¿cómo lidiarían con un moderador de un subforo que hace mal su trabajo en un idioma que no sea el inglés?) Están demasiado ocupados tratando de revivir el juego, así que por favor denle tiempo. No es momento para debatir este tema, en un futuro quizás. De todas formas... La gente debe de salir de su zona de confort y aprender inglés. Yo aprendí inglés jugando a videojuegos sobre todo, y aunque mi inglés necesita mejorar no tengo problemas para entender el juego o el foro... Y sí, ¡sigo viva!
  10. Hope LO consider the fact that not all Han players want to be transfered to Jericho, some of us prefer Citadel. I have 3 useless characters in Han since years, I won't like to have them in Jericho in the same way again.
  11. My ticket is number 874, and I sent it the last Saturday, one day after the new system opened. Poor support... I wouldn't like to be in the their place. Be patient. I have the hope that my problem can be solved tomorrow with the maintenance... maybe. I have packet loss only in Citadel all day (except at late night) since I came back a week ago
  12. Well, they are not "victims" and they deserved a punishment, but a permanent ban is too much in my opinion, it's enough with temporal ban and remove the FFA obtained with the exploit or money if they sold them. So I hope they can recover their accounts as soon as possible.
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