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  1. Got the question, what happened to old players database? Its saved somewhere and awaits on Unity version of the game, or it was deleted? Im really worried about this, could someone answer on this question? (Here or via pm)
  2. I would definitely pay, for even a lifetime premium. If it would be possible I would pay only to support them, without any in-game buffs.
  3. Im kinda late here, but! Hello my Friends!
  4. Its there other almost up-to-date forum about rebooting the FE? Only one I've found out is https://twitter.com/fallenearth Also, what can I do if I want to help with work on FE Reboot?
  5. Welcome Survivors, I need some help with my build. I want to create solo pistol+rifle+melee+crafter (tank) build, and this is my lvl 55 example for it: http://thanata.com/planner/#3701364141626262626241B4010101C40101A4C40EC4C401C48201010101010101010101 What should I do to make it better?
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