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  1. To Reaper and Westford, this is a matter of what a map is made for, in this matter Asylum is CQC. Though you may be able to play long/mid ranged weapons successfully in Asylum that is besides the point, as a player on Asylum you have to push a lot of chokes, that can be extremely hard for a player to push if you have a spammable AOE(Area of Effect) damaging weapon making that push impossible. Though it may also be hard to push a JG on a corner you can flush out that spot with a grenade or two. Having someone just clicking M1 with almost no need to aim is frustrating and out right boring(+teamkilling can be and is an issue). The game is not supposed to be egocentrical it is supposed to be fun for everyone, it is not fun to be held down on a choke, it is not fun to be incapable of pusing because someone is pressing M1 from time to time being rewarded for a low effort playstyle. It is not a formidable defense, it is a cowards response to low effort and high reward gameplay.
  2. Repair the game? Use a config can minimize crashes
  3. Hi QoL It's veryfying the files which can take time depending on if you are using a SSD or an HDD You are not downloading the game again you are checking for faults in the files you have downloaded.
  4. The word wh*re is so desensitized over years and years of usage, I'd rather they focus on the people who actually use real derogatory terms such as the N-Word or Homophobic slurs. Oh and definition: a person who engages in sexual intercourse for pay can be both parties(Male/Female)
  5. Alcohol is bad too but is not banned, you can choose to commit stupid acts. It's your own fault if you do something. Loot box mechanics are good should stay as they support the game and the company.
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