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  1. Better excuse than blaming your little brother. Give him his account back.
  2. Why anyone should help you to get gud? Like if anyone helped players to get good. You are now starting to be really pathetic. Merged. Yes. It was like that, they joined gold servers to mess your matches. You could kick them anyways, good times.
  3. How do some people to get harassed so much like op? I would like to read some stories how he gets harassed all the time because thats really rare to happen unless you force it to yourself.
  4. Why are you even assuming things once again? And you are missing by a lot. Not sure where are you pulling out that i am not a team player when i even am playing a team based game right now. Your assumtions are so wrong as your statements.
  5. Well imagine that your character is missing bullets like irl.
  6. Thats the exactly the problem, putting so much effort for people that no cares. How before the game was healthy populated and no one cried about about tutorials or such. If you want smart people that dont even like the game, keep working on tutorials, lol.
  7. No one said anything about asking questions, its straight toxicity for them, but its not. People do not react because yes, you affect them one way or another. What is fun for you is not fun for others? maybe? Even g1 efforts to destroy the game ruining its competition to "appeal" a wider unskilled audience didnt save the game, but killed it further. So you need to stop with this chant "ohhh i am a poor miserable being that everyone harasses for the only reason i breathe... everyone hates me im so victim please give me attention... oh i feel like im dying right now please help me... we need a strong moderation to please my feelings, everyone should care about what i feel do something". Stop. This is an agressive game, savage, violent,teasing, mockig, challenging etc. Its suposed to attract a competitive audience. Stop trying to make it disney world like someone i wont name is trying to convert it, it wont fit in this game and if you insist you will drop the pop even more (well it already happened anyways lol). There is no safe space in san paro, you need to understand that. Go play singleplayers where no one ever will hurt you, unless you take offense from ai too snipped insults ~@mayii.
  8. Oh poor little baby, someone said mean things to him in a videogame. Do you want some free premium and ban everyone who harassed you, little thing?
  9. Everyone talks about stop ddos but no one takes ddos feelings in account... ddos want to play apb too dont be mean.
  10. Lies, how didnt happen before? A skill based game will allways be elitist and lowest skilled players will allways suffer. Thats how these games works, you cant make everyone happy. Blame god, milenial furry, to give ones more skill than others. Just imagine for one second how we played games before, without any ranks but for some reason everyone played against each other without care about skill gaps because no one had how to recognize skill levels beyond the score. Theres been allways skill gap, even cheaters make look skilled players as shit and hide beyond excuses like "but cheats replicate the human reflexes at maximum potential" without knowing that you cant mantain that skill for long periods or you will stress your mind a lot (it happened to me).
  11. They will want to get much better after aknowledging that you are ruining others gameplay being a shitter and giving your best to improve yourself. No one cares about their feelings or yours, stop thinking like a milenial, get good and everything will be alright. Lets sumarize: no one cares about your feelings; if you play like trash you deserve to be treated like one until you get good; the game should never be modified to be easier for you; no one needs to spend money or any effort into moderation or gms to work for your miserable feelings. Deal with it.
  12. If they dont want to be trash talked then they should get good. Its really simple.
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