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  1. liav

    R-2 Harbinger suggestions

    +1 on that one. amazing gun design overall. terrible balance made on it. you're ideas seem quite reasonable and not too strong.
  2. liav

    Least used guns.

    FR0G is one of my favorite pistols, I don't know what are you guys about. It could easily be top meta. It's that pistol u use on close range. Not the pistol you use with your shotgun or smg for the longer range.
  3. Just let the game die already. Even Epic Games company wouldn't revive it at this point.
  4. liav

    Can't access support

    That's Literally what i said in different words, They invest time for a website design instead of HELPING urgent cases.
  5. liav

    Can't access support

    Instead of answering tickets, they update the website... Lol...
  6. liav


    well, that is pretty urgent, I hope LO has priorities set for the category tickets come in for... good luck for a quick solution to your problem then! I have my account banned for NO reason, I did not cheat, grief or refund anything. And LO did not reply in the last few weeks.
  7. liav

    Extended Maintenance 07.31.2018

    Let's make this game great again
  8. Oh baby that would be sweet! That's done to prevent currency inflation. If the money isn't disappearing from game fast enough then it starts to inflate dramatically. If it wasn't there, weapons would eventually start selling for 10s of millions APB$, which ultimately discourages new players from earning the cash to buy them. I wouldnt care at all tbh. I just hate losing money for nowhere.
  9. How about cancelling Marketplace TAX? It is 100% useless and profits nobody since it's not g1c. Its just frustrating to sell something and see the money dropping..
  10. liav

    Does reflex sight work on NFAS?

    They only have an affect for the reticle. Besides that nothing noticeable.
  11. liav

    Does reflex sight work on NFAS?

    Every weapon has a reticle effect on nfas. But the question is if you want to use it for a smaller spread and smaller aim or you want a better modifications such as an ammo blue one or a purple one etc.
  12. There should be a video in youtube somewhere where a russian guy is showing this trick. Here I found it:
  13. either this or add a pair of friends for a better judgemental decission
  14. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. liav

    Win a nano! Easy, look at this post!

    You forgot to mention which Waterfront District Number since there are several