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  1. I vote allow full nudity aswell but w.e. All these ppl so negative against nudity is pretty funny, but yet i make millions of dollars selling it.... someone must like it.
  2. I have more, but I don't want people complaining I'm spamming nudity like a bunch of triggered children. I'll wait till someone posts some more stuff before I post more if LO allows me to. I appreciate your compliment though
  3. I like what I believe is a moxxi cosplay from borderlands, and I like how you did the skirt.
  4. You know what would be a real treat sometime? Recording the process of one of your commissions or your own character portraits would be awesome.
  5. I don't like taxes, remove or lower, I'm down.
  6. NSFWorkshop


    * Daily login rewards * Social district more entertaining like the Playstation home app, mini games, apartments / customization, bowling, all sorts of tiny things to do. * I know LO stated they'd be doing this already but new clothing, hairstyles, vehicles. * Maybe allow full nudity so that designers can make their own clothing with the tattoos feature like we already do. The way we do it now is kind of the budget way, a full nudity option would be alot better for lets say skin tight clothing or something, or even if you're trying to design your own lingerie lines and what not. With this suggestion you could also add a nudity toggle option so if you toggle it of course the nudity goes away. (similar to Conan Exiles) * Trade system of course. * Personally I always seen the couches around social district and wanted to use them while waiting for a friend to make whatever it was they were making, but you can't. Sitting emote / interactive couches would be minor touch but awesome to me. * Suggested this in the past when we were in need of players badly. Have daily challenges similar to the joker tickets but for G1C like Fortnite has their system. They have a entire mode that I hate playing but I play it and log into it every now and then to get the daily challenges that give their currency to get skins. Say you don't login for 3 days, it would still give you 3 challenges to complete but max out at 3 until you login to finish them. * For people who like to make NSFW symbols and make money off of it but get in trouble for it like myself. Maybe add a checkbox for NSFW when making a symbol and when its on the auction box or even on a wall... if the person doesn't have nudity checked as allowed he wouldn't see it ever. * Gender change option in the character edit menu machine.
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