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  1. колко бавняри c името "DiAmOnDgIrLBG" има в клана?
  2. noone asked you. if you actually had a pinch of skill you would have known it's pretty easy to counterplay someone with ATAC.
  3. I remember LO promising the engine update will be done by the beginning of 2019. Here we are at the middle of 2020.
  4. glad that I was part of it at some point don't even hesitate joining, you'll find some very cool people there!
  5. ahh who doesn't want snowy districts, cmon @MattScott
  6. The code is up for all of those wondering, Lixil never updated us on that one.
  7. event's gone, I feel bad for you never finding it, good luck next year though
  8. I'm actually wondering as to why particles in this game never got optimised, even with a 2000$ PC you'd still lag if you zoom into spraying particles or get an explosion at your face
  9. So only 1 player wins the challenge? What about unskilled players? They probably will never win as to the fact that the oppo will always be better.
  10. i really hope this patch doesn't come with 2x amount of other bugs, we already started laughing at the stupid mistakes LO devs let happen, it's ridiculous should i really mention having to redo the holiday contacts from 0 just because you reached level 5 on the opposite faction one and still need the level 6 rewards l m a o i really hope that when you bring 3.5 you won't bug every single rewritten thing and i'm really looking to the phasing matchmaking system which will probably mistake golds for bronzes and golds for bronzes and anarchy will strike
  11. I wonder how many convos have been fucked up this way... so many lost things just because of a smart filter nobody knew about, no feedback of it being active ln you as well. Little orbitized
  12. so can I as a transgender display my feminine features which I obtained through some billion APB$ surgeries?
  13. that UNKN hoodie is 150k, can literally recreate it in 10mins, imagine if i sold it 10 times to people who thought paying 150k for it was okay when you're "not even in need of money" why do you even bother then?
  14. interesting how half of them can be recreated in 10 minutes and they still cost 75k
  15. This sound like an actual idea that has been discussed throughout the staff and if it gets to work then new players might come, old players might come etc. etc. Mainly because new players probably come everyday and end up leaving because they're just getting wrecked and an issue I've noticed - they don't really know who to shoot when in a mission, the neutral players confuse them a lot. Maybe a change to tutorial would be nice.
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