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  1. In my opinion, the advertising of this game was wack, (or if it even existed), I know this because it is rare that you'll stumble upon somebody that even heard of APB, when I came back from 2 years of inactivity (due to studies) I was very eager to see what the population was on the servers, when I checked I was shocked, it seemed almost like this game was dead; so an idea popped up in my head, what would happen if this game was to be suddenly included in a very well known youtuber's video or be streamed (even once is enough) by a well known streamer? At first I hoped that one day that would of happen but hopes were quickly diminishing, so what about if somebody sponsored a very popular content creator and maybe that'll attract alot of people into trying out the game! - It could be a very good small investment what of course there is always going to be some risk involved in it aswell.
  2. Configs can be used to gain an unfair advantage against a clueless opponent, correct me if I'm wrong.
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