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  1. 4 hours ago, AxeTurboAgresor said:


    Its permament weapons. 

    You are not supposed to get them easily.

    10 weapons / year? Its more than any f2p player could wish for!


    Just for Joker Vegas you need 10k JTs. Everybody had to grind for it. For weeks. And its ok like that.

    You guys just never get enough dont you?

    You can still buy them for real money u know..?

    +1 on this

    If it's free but hard to get. Grind your patootie for it tbh, or get the credit card out

    EDIT: Also...the harder the JT the more people play. the quicker u get things the more you feel like not playing. 
    So if LO make it harder people will have to grind more

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  2. 1 hour ago, Yeedman said:

    maybe, maybe not
    it's a shame little orbit is about as secretive about engine upgrade as gamersfirst was
    or wait, are they more secretive? they haven't shown any screenshots/videos about it

    this the only thing getting my hopes down.. as to we not getting any news on whats going on and how it's going and the spct is under nda so

    this is where @CookiePuss comes in tho

    1 hour ago, CookiePuss said:

    Crap... Im not sure if Im allowed to comment on that just yet.

    What I can say is its important to remember that consoles aren't running the game on "max" settings. So even before the visual tweaking PC looks better.

    As far as where LO is with the final look, I think Matt's the only one who can comment on that for now.

    well nvm... Matt give us something T.T

  3. 57 minutes ago, SilverCrow said:

    Honestly, when I think about it, plain simple BR would probably be better IMO.

    People know BR. They can just get in and play.

    Sometimes less is more.

    I like how it is now tbh. improvements are needed but its good.

    Now reading this, thinking about it. We didnt want BR because its too mainstream, but a plain BR wouldnt be that bad xD

    2 hours ago, WaIeed007 said:

    Ok first of all my game just crashed so i'm here (not to complain) But to tell you my opinion.
    RIOT could be a great game mode but..
    - The spawning system is bad and annoying (and many times it spawns you 10000M in the gas with no way of making it out alive)
    - The hazmat suits are good but has a big cooldown due to which we can only use it one time and doesnt matter if you have 10+...you still die.
    Ok and
    -Everything else is good.
    -The cash collecting system, the colours , the guns and the new boundaries and places are good.
    -You can make it better if you fix some issues with the spawning system and the hazmat suit cooldown.
    -I had fun and im still launching apb and gonna play it.
     The loading screen is cool too. : )
    Im kinda sad that after playing so so long i havent found the new N-Tec new glory in this game mode tho but its alright.
    But cmon yall shouldve put that in too -_- next time dont forget.

    oh and sorry for my English ;-;

    agreed my dude.
    I like to add too when you die and can't respawn. you can just spectate who'ever's left or just press Y to join a new session and it actually works. thats pretty cool lol

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  4. who Daf is PoundOfFlesh

    1 hour ago, Glaciers said:

    been here since 2011 


    dont feel bad i don’t know most people

    ma boi

    3 hours ago, moxxichixx said:

    The guy that keeps crying about apb on his own team and saying that GamersFirst was better? No thanks lol, also he suck so much that all he do is talk over his pathetic gameplay and always trying to sh*t on other people.... If I was LittleOrbit I would not stand watching his stream except for the moments he get salty for the giggles

    i guess this sums up everything for us who has no idea who this person is. lol thx

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