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  1. On 3/26/2019 at 12:02 PM, Ketog said:

    Hello everyone , as the engine upgrade is getting closer to us, i've decided to finally make that video (as the engine upgrade might actually be a fix for this), showing why do ghostshots in apb happen and even how to make them intentionally .


    Here is a (quite long) video with me showing everything, for people that do not want to watch it , i will also explain it in text under this video :



    Why do ghostshots happen and how i found out what causes them :


    Alright so , i was basically trying to make a tap fire macro NTEC to see how fast the gun can be fired while keeping maximum accuracy , and i've noticed that whatever i did , i was having an insane ammounts of ghostshots when trying the macro on my clanmates, when trying to find a fix for my issue i found this in a guide to make macros work properly on most games :



    This text above is about the keyboard, but it also seems to be a thing for the mouse in APB, Basically what that text says, is if you don't hold your keys for more than 15ms  the game won't register it as it checks every 15ms if a key is pressed.


    But what i found with APB, while the text above says DirectInput checks for presses every 15 MS, with some experimenting i found that for APB's case this delay is not 15ms but ~50ms which is considerably higher, what this means is , if you hold your shooting key for less than 50ms there is an aproximative 50-70% chance that you will do a ghostshot (The definition of a ghost shot is you shooting a bullet, getting the recoil from it and also the muzzle flash with a sound effect, but not actually shooting a bullet server side, which means your enemies don't see you shooting (which is the reason you don't loose a bullet in a mag and do not see a hitmarker))


    Before going further i want to say that i do not condone the use of macros, do not use macros, you WILL get banned if you do, im doing this for educational puproses and the sake of curiosity.


    In the video shown above, i basically made two macros that does 3 shot bursts of NTEC to achieve maximum accuracy + maximum fire rate;


    - The first one holds the left mouse button (LMB) for about one millisecond (1ms) when shooting bullets .

    - The second macro holds the left mouse button (LMB) for a duration between 150 an 170 miliseconds (150-170ms) when shooting bullets.


    Here's the results:


    The first macro with a 1 MS LMB hold , generates up to 3 ghostshots in a single 3bullet burst.


    The second macro with an ~170ms LMB Hold has no ghostshots.


    This shows that if you don't hold LMB for longer than 50ms it's basically a matter of luck if your shots get registered or not, the problem with this is that you don't even need to be need to be an experienced player to produce a click that lasts less than 50ms, and actually most people will without much effort produce a click that lasts less than 30ms. 


    So in the end, all of this shows that :

    Tap fireing someone very fast at close range, will make you very likely to get ghot shots.

    If you are somone that's very reactive, and tend to do clicks in quick sucessions to hit someone, you're also likely to get ghostshots.

    Basically any type of fast gameplay can result in ghost shots.



    Here is some more things i noticed :


    -Those type of ghostshots seems to happen mostly on automatic weapons.

    -It can also happen with semi auto weapons, but is much less likely to do so.

    -Shotguns are also prone to this problem, especially after switching weapons(might be another completely unrelated issue though).


    Now as i said above, this issue might be caused by APB running on directX9 which is a very old version of DirectX, as the engine upgrade uses DX 11 this problem might disappear or at least heavly be mitigated .


    Notes ;

    Those tests were done with me, playing APB at a stable 101 FPS, and a ping(latency) of 230 with a constant 0 packet loss.

    My friend, which tried this the exact same way as i did, had a stable 60 FPS with, a ping(latency) of 30 with a constant 0 packet loss.


    I am aware that ghostshot do happen due to bad connections, but this thread shows one type of ghostshot doesn't doesn't depend in the stabillity of your connection .



    So yeah this is it, please take all of this info with a grain of salt as the tests were done with only a few people, while all of them experienced the same results as i did, it doesn't mean that everyone will, thanks.

    idk why other people b*tching about but this is some interesting shit. I see you put in some time in this. good job my dude

  2. 21 minutes ago, Mitne said:

    Steam wallet is even more unfair in G1C count.



    1 hour ago, CatInTuxedo said:

    Why is parchusing G1C more expensive with credit card? For example buying G1C with PaysafeCard it costs 20$ for 2240 G1C and with credit card 2240 G1C costs 24,2 $... 

    and thats probably taxes tbh

  3. 16 hours ago, Acornie said:

    At this point in Apb's struggle patience is very hard to have, but it's all we can do; patiently wait. Im kind of hoping that one reason it has been delayed as long as it has is that the decision to release it before the engine has been reconsidered and we are going to get both dropped together before summer.


    Literally everything can go wrong in the game development sphere, it's normal for things to be delayed like this

    yep...i mean we only been waiting since the anouncement 2012, Q1 2014....so i can wait another 8years if they decide to push riot with the engine(which honestly should be the best thing to do)

    So i'll keep lurking for any good news...one day...or a blogpost/livestream on progress...or just NDA and silent just like the G1 days

  4. interesting



    4. What about doing Open Livestreams every 2/3 weeks to update the entire community of APB about what's going on and what you currently doing? Maybe showing some projects, work in progress stuff or just let us see how you work and how you approach a situation.

    State of The Game could be useful too, come up with some most rated questions over the forums and answer to them, come up with problems and possible ways to fix / go around them and much more, always with Livestreams / Podcasts or how you prefer /decide to call them, Q&A, possible too.

    Maybe 2/3 weeks are to much close from each others but i do think more communication is better and more stuff to show, more stuff to talk about will make players so much happy, more than before.


  5. 6 hours ago, Ketog said:


    this really killed me lmfao


    9 hours ago, ChellyBean said:

    Here's my Chelly potato to start off with! o: 



    Can't wait to see what you all come up with 😄


    That's kinda cute tbh lol

  6. 20 minutes ago, BrandonBranderson said:

    Sounds awesome, thanks Matt!  But now for the most important question... Will the Vegas and the 4x4 still be able to wheelie with Nitro 3?  I know it doesn't work on the current console version, but have you guys fixed it on your end yet?


    Also will there be a graphics option to disable fog?  I don't know if it'll be like this on 3.5 but in the current game it drags the frame rate down quite a bit.

    hit W then reverse then nitro 3 and W at the same time

  7. 37 minutes ago, blockblack said:

    My PC specs are: Core i3 3.5 ghz GPU and 8GB ram and 2GB Vram... And I could BAREEEEEEELYYYYYYYYY run the game on 30 fps at lowest settings... this game was made in 2010... any I can play games made in 2016 with maximum fps on max graphics without problems.... Anyone knows why the game lags on even medium PCs?

    what GPU are you...talking about exactly?

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