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  1. On 5/22/2020 at 6:34 AM, Resine said:

    Did any of you try to code anything in their life, even following simplest tutorial of any language? It takes one wrong symbol to become superman or ruin the whole thing, and it's usually later option.


    RTW made a gismo creating their own tech because there weren't any. APB's only sin is that it was created before tech was ready for it.


    Now with limited resources G1 and now LO tries to re-code clusterfuck of code to make it work at least decent. Addressing stutters, lags, fishing out bugs and anyone with half the brain could imagine that everything can go wrong at anytime.


    It's not like they can't give you estimated date, probably they could, but if something acts out you would be out there for blood if the update would be delayed again.

    On the other hand Soon tm becomes a meme and no one takes them seriously.


    Imho it must be stressful if no mater what you do you will be fucked.



    On 5/25/2020 at 5:01 AM, Mitne said:

    LO in my opinion right now should ignore all this comments full of spite.

    We entering open beta of engine long awaited, can't be any more happy for this game.

    It might not turn around what is going inside game (again pointing out that what is going on is right now, full fault of it playerbase, no matter how manipulative and hypocrite you are - the only fault of LO is having staff so little, they can't take care of everything within game) but it shows that LO as developer is trustworthy.


    Can't wait to test beta. Hope my shit of laptop will run it.

    I hope my 7700k gtx1080 can have a stable 144fps...

  2. 22 hours ago, 7700k said:

    I have been suffering huge ping issues playing from Australia, Once a upon a time when there server name was Colby i was getting 160-180ms which was playable and fine in most cases...Now days since this so called server merge even with HAN i get 300+ and all the other servers been having major issues... have you guys completely cut off the Oceanic players entirely in before people come reply to this thread its not servers its your ISP well coming from an Aussie player with 100 down 100 up that plays NA quite regularly on other games i don't have this 300 ping shit i have 160-180 as mentioned above....I have donated alot of money to try and help this game not die and spent around 600usd but yea thanks Lil Orbit i was really batting for you to finally fix this game and make it worth to play but not anymore....Utterly pathetic 

    feels for a while now APB's ping has been a lagfest, and VPN will make it worse. i already tried vpn so

  3. 1 hour ago, supermariobrothe said:

    Just play for the sake of playing it, why did you play this game in the first place? to unlock shit you will never use once you got it?

    Some people play to unlock stuff, some people play to grind(level characters up) and some people play to have fun.
    I'd like to have fun and grind at the same time. i've been "play just for the sake of playing it" for almost 5years and stopped around 2017. So while i am waiting on those new contacts to be delivered, i'll be playing other games that has my interests.

    It's not that hard to understand lol. I mean i do get what everyone is saying "play populate it help growing back" but ye man this has been going since 2012, even if it was owned by a previous company the fact remains that it's been going on since 2012 and people slowly start falling off to something else.
    A successful UE3.5 with new contact will bring people back.

  4. 38 minutes ago, Darkzero3802 said:

    Heres an idea, populate the game so this way it will live longer and give LO some support by buying afew things. You really want something you gota give something back so they can actually do said something.

    i have every single item in the game... on both of my accounts
    I believe in LO but i just do not have a reason to play. I don't have nothing to grind for. And APB is like 1 of the 20 other games i play which i do have things to grind for there.
    So yes i log in like once a month and play but atm there's nothing to get me to play apb now.
    UE3.5 with new contacts will give my 16 characters new reasons to grind lol

  5. On 8/10/2019 at 12:04 PM, MartisLTU said:

    Still ppl. using most meta weapons non stop. ( cant get good weapon balance so ppl. would start to use other weapons than just pmg, jg, nfas, ntec and nhvr ).

    Still getting mini freezes.

    Still cant get better respawn system.

    Still seen glitched mission items.

    Still seen few full blatant cheaters .

    Still cant get better hitbox.

    Still engine update is SOON tm.

    Still dead.



    wait for UE3.5

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