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  1. Soon™


    prob not anytime soon if they planning on launching it with UE3.5 (which should be the case so they can start promoting the game and get new players in)

    1 hour ago, TzickyT said:

    We are only a week in or so but May has already been an eventful month. Thanks for joining us for the bumpy ride. In this month’s update, we will highlight some freebies coming your way, introduce you to some of the key players on our community management team, and showcase our Creative Challenge winners from April. Dig-in and enjoy all things APB Reloaded.


    ^this is comming up this month

    badum tsss

    1 hour ago, Alani said:

    u mean the engine upgrade that has been in progress since May of last year, right?


    because LO told us G1 didnt do shit for 4 years, lmao

    i mean it was still announced by G1 in 2012 tho

  2. On 4/19/2019 at 7:50 PM, CookiePuss said:

    This is certainly, imo, an issue and One already exacerbated by fight club. But if I understand correctly, the overall long term plan is to have RIOT and later 3.5 bring in new players, raising the overall player count. 

    While initially this might not help higher threat players such as yourself, eventually it could spawn a whole new generation of skilled gamers. 


    Fingers crossed. 

    basically. this is the only thing that needs to work. os let's hope for the best in the future

    5 hours ago, TheMessiah said:


    3.5 must be 1st man..nobody cares about riot

    That's because LO is gonna start populating the game once 3.5 is out, and what better way to do it with a new game mode that most players be playing these days? (BR)

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