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  1. 2 hours ago, Dasimoge said:

    Would be great if the OTW Server would be EU sided and not NA sided..

    I really hate testing with 200ms and tp lags.

    i wouldnt mind 200 or 80ms, i just want to see how "optimized it is"

    11 minutes ago, Bellenettiel said:

    i am exited to see what they do next, but personally not so much on the engine upgrade. Visually looking the same with some new shaders isn't my thing, i really just like the new content, i want to know how the lore ends, officially.

    I just want a stable 144fps and in theory the UE3.5 can help with optimization... only 1 way to find out if true heh

  2. 3 hours ago, Dasimoge said:

    That was ingame. Not a forum post.

    Well i remember reading it on 1 of the milion posts on this forum, somewhere matt commented "on otw by end of 2018" i just cant find it. But i am 100% sure i saw it somewhere

    1 hour ago, Kempington said:

    He said he would like to get the engine upgrade in a playable state for testing on OTW by the end of the year, not fully release it. I'd wait for more news regarding this, however. 


  3. 1 hour ago, TheMessiah said:

    They do not have to do new xmas event.Just recycle the old and i dont mind 3.5 to be in january

    Judging by the halloween event that is like a very new game mode that i kinda did enjoy tbh, recycling xmas event would be fine if it helps speeding up UE3.5 but then again we never know what all is happening atm in the office

  4. Well the thing is, depends how u see it. In most cases defense missions are easier than attack IF you have 2 squads with equal skills going against eachother. If the attackers have greater skills than the defender, most likely you will go on to the final mission and maybe get the victory as well, and ofcourse if the defenders have greater skills than the attacker then you prob won't even finish the first objective.

    If i see it as 2 equal teams going against eachother then the defender has a greater chance to win in most missions

    Most of the times i get offensive missions too if i am playing solo because u automaticall get allianced with 2 to 3 other solo players,while if u play with 1 friend your chance of getting a defensive mission is higher(with my experience)

  5. 12 minutes ago, Similarities said:

    If he actually attached cheat engine to the game, rather than just opening it and having it in the background, no it shouldn't and it won't. He didn't attach CE to the game. If he had, he would've been banned. He used speedhack in an offline match from what I can tell as well, if he had enabled it online, BE would've picked it up. BE bans in waves, so he would not get banned instantly, he'd get banned several days later, this is to ban as many people using cheats as possible at once, rather than letting one person get banned and then go "Ok guys hack is DT"


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