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  1. buckleys

    Game is being ruined

    Do something to shotguns. Your game i turning into a shotgun simulator. Its falling apart. Everyone is using shotguns and its no fun to even play anymore. The shredder is way to op let alone any other shotguns. I mean the shredder has stupid range for a shotgun and crazy damage and its automatic? Who in the right mind came up with this... And why make them more powerful? I mean come on its a game of all guns not just shotguns.
  2. buckleys

    Shredder nerf

    I agree. Heavily. Strongly agree. Sometimes i struggle to fight it even with the ogre...
  3. buckleys

    Mailbox Search Option

    Ikr, its anoying going through 40 pages of stuff
  4. buckleys

    Commander sound bug.

    The colby Commander legendary is very quiet when shooting.
  5. This is talked about from Little Orbit and will most likely be a thing in the future or upcoming updates. The only downside is with the friend adding reset, all your friends would be reset. Meaning you'd have to re-add all you're friends.
  6. My suggestion is a search option in the mailbox. Myself and probably many other vets have alot of mail wether it be from opening joker boxes or getting rewards, but it would be nice to be able to search for stuff you want to find. Say i wanted to find a gun to use from my mailbox. Maybe i got it from some joker boxes i opened. Instead of going through 40 pages of guns, just search for it and find it way faster, and easier.
  7. buckleys

    [GAME] Daily Login Reward System

    This is a great idea! +1 :D