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  1. Ignore list isn't infinite. In fact it's actually pretty modest.
  2. Dude this game is now over 10 years old. Not many if any new players will pick it up and old players won't come back for updated graphics and maybe 1-2 new cars. If they do then not for long. This game has big potential to be content rich but instead it's still a skeleton with 2 maps
  3. Like...more cars? It's 2020 and this game still has like 10 or less cars...GTA:O used to get more per year
  4. Can't we just give shotguns time travel to 2018? They were fine before all bufs and nerfs
  5. It appears that my new firewall was blocking everything APB related for some reason. Even when it was shut off
  6. Same here bruv. Since they moved the servers to EU. I guess we need to be russians to play LULW
  7. This could work but only with server phasing. You leave the customization area and it puts you into the mission district. Otherwise everyone designing would be taking up the slots for people that play missions
  8. Wasn't Tiggs a bot too? A mouthpiece posting lies when they told her to?
  9. LO=G1. It's pretty much the same people working there It reminds me Overkill EU servers being held by customs...I guess till this day because we never get them
  10. YAY just about time when I need to attend Twitch and then play other games. Good timing LO
  11. They should just perma ban everyone and leave only cheaters. Afterall this game was meant to play with cheats only
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