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  1. Lol. The other day I've put 4 perfect shots into someone at 15 meters, died and got 25 assist. Trash gun
  2. Jeez. I'm hoping on perma ban in DBD to stop my brain from decomposing any further
  3. I had 33ms for those 5min I played today so I guess pretty standard latency
  4. Fortunately it might cause infertility even with mild symptoms True. It's enough when only 10% of population needs hospital bed, 5% needs ICU with respirator. There is no country that would have so many free beds, properly isolated to not infect other patients and let alone enough of staff and protection gear. It's all about flattening the curve to spread the infections over longer period of time. Wuhan and Italy are the example what happens when few nut cases decide to walk around coz it's just flu.
  5. Bleached out LUT. They can easily change it. I don't think that this is the priority now.
  6. LOL. 700 people playing this "game" and they care about stuff like someone trying to sell their acc? Mindblowing. The old G1 never left.
  7. The end started with influx of all the soviets migrating to Citadel. I'm not sure why even continue the UE. No one from Europe will stick around. They should divert all resources to their art department and release 1 new Lada and tracksuit each month for 10 rubles. I'm sure that those rubles would keep this game alive KEKW
  8. @OP No one is even playing this game so no one will notice
  9. Your rage whispers are helping with killing this game as well
  10. Was he a jerk? Yeah. But this is internet. I don't think he crossed any boundary at all. Rage whispers in APB are hillarious at most unless they go full racist and homophobic.
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