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  1. Dethreaters are way better than the real golds who we are all facing nowadays , I have many friends who decided to quit the game because of them plus the dethreaters are basically high silvers or low golds so basically others can face them but the real golds are impossible to go against , and all im saying that bring back the threats as a temp solution till they figure out a new matchmaking system to solve the problem once and for all obviuosly ^.^
  2. oNe of the big reasons is removing the threats on districts , if they bring it back untill engine upgrade i think the pop will increase again a little bit ~
  3. Haii ^.^ , You still make these ? and do u make real life faces as a symbol also ? is it possible ?
  4. iWish if they would make better way to get joker tickets , cause many of us hate fight club ~ plus the daily ones are not really enough
  5. ~Best weapon from armas to start with is Atac ~ its a must have ^.^ and if from a pack then i would recommend Manic thats the juggernaut strike pack
  6. FluffyCat

    out of memory ....

    This fixed it for my friend , give it a try ^.^
  7. Hi ^.^ , We really need more space in the friend's list and you guys removed it from armas , i wanna add my friends and my list is full ~ please consider it
  8. What do you see? If I escape will I be saved? Can't estimate when you'll fade Tell me I can't wait I'm learning fast I can't turn back I died a million times when you left When you said goodbye What do you see? Can you speak will I be saved? My hearts on ice can't think twice Tell me, why, oh, why? I'm falling fast stuck in the past I try and understand it hurts so bad How long will it last?
  9. iWant light pink and white weapon skin with same idea of the skin we got in the xmas event this year ^.^
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