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  1. Onadan

    Questions for LO

    Bring back the LCR. This is not a question.
  2. Haven't noticed any difference with the 556. However I'm still waiting for them to sell any version of the LCR at this point, the only alternative being coughing up 700 joker tickets a week, which isn't sustainable.
  3. Onadan


    So, the patch just went live, and I tried the "new" ISSR-a. It's nowhere near a good alternative to the LCR, but I have to admit that I was wrong on the hard damage part, it has some uses. However, the ridiculously low bullet per magazine on the ISSR-a makes it a much worse alternative to the LCR, not to mention it has to be tap-fired if you want any accuracy. And even if that wasn't the case, the low bullet per mag just makes it a very crappy weapon that can't be used for suppression fire, which is where the LCR really shines. Aa TTK of 1.2s is hardly a too heavy disadvantage with 75m range and a 24 bullet mag. Incidently the OBIR also has 24 bullets and 1.2s TTK, well at least that's what they want you to think, it has 8 shots so you may also say that it has 8 "bullets" for all intents and purpose. There is no weapon that can compete with the LCR in its category: 75m range 4800 damage during 7.2s per magazine virtually no bloom during full auto Sure, the longer TTK and accuracy are worse than other weapon it has been compared to, but even the Obeya CR 762 to which it has been compared to incessantly in this thread only has 3675 damage per mag, so it's not an acceptable replacement. And the ISSR-a is sure as HELL not an acceptable replacement either, with only 3060 damage per mag. That's a little worse than 65% of what the LCR offers; it might seem dumb but the reload time is only 0.05s faster (so virtually identical) yet packs much less kill potential, and it's the real reason why the ISSR-a will NEVER be an acceptable substitute for the LCR. I see no single good reason not to reintroduce the LCR. We're three pages in and not one has been given. The only criticism has ben "lol it's bad there are better wepons lmao". Well isn't that a GOOD thing? or do you want armas market exclusives to be BETTER than the weapons you can get from NPCs? And there are weapons that are equally bad, or even worse than the LCR still on the market, so the "unhappy customers" reason is also not an acceptable one at this point. There's also been the criticism that it's a "noob's weapon". I don't even know where to begin with that, is there even a definition of a "noob weapon" and "pro weapon" that everybody agrees on? because if there's not then those terms don't mean much. In any event, I failt to see how that would be inherently a bad thing. In my opinion the people who advance such an argument just have no interest in / failed to see what the LCR can offer. Not every weapon is for everybody. I am still waiting for the LCR to come back. I mean come on, they even reintroduced the shotgun pistol from the friggin beta!
  4. Onadan


    Well looks like I had been using outdated/wrong stats, apologies. It appears that I have been proven wrong on some points. I still don't think that comparing theoretical best TTK holds much meaning, nor that hard damage matter all that much in most situations. Especially when it can never be attained due to bloom or other factors. The LCR is still the better support-fire weapon with great versatility in my opnion, even after taking into considerations all the corrections. And as far as long distance LCR vs N-TEC goes, the LCR wins hands down, thanks to the quick bloom recovery and longer damage dropoff. You get shredded in an honest mid range shootout though, but not getting caught there is on you. Sure, the LCR might be lackluster in some area compared to other weapons; but there is no replacement that is superior in every regards. In fact, there isn't even a worse yet reasonable replacement, as it is just too versatile and unique. In the end, it's down to your affinity with the weapon, your preferences, playstyle, your positioning, the enemy's positioning, lag, FPS and a lot of other factors that can hardly be all taken into account and sumed into a "x is better than y" sort of general answer. I'm just here to state that there's demands for LCR that have yet to be met, and no good reasons not to meet them.
  5. Onadan


    Which is almost entirely irrelevant 99.5% of the time. That just makes you seem to be desperate to be right. Higher bloom, slower bloom recovery, slower fire rate, slower TTK. All of which you conveniently left out. Highly debatable, since the dropoff starts 15m earlier. Actually 22m earlier with a sniper silencer, and I don't think a loud version exists. So it would still have a worse TTK even at longer distances. Of course, that's purely theorical but my point was that this was debatable, not wrong per se. So can the LCR, and in either case, that's what the secondary is for anyway, so hardly relevant. That's just opinions, and I'd appreciate you not deciding who needs what, thank you very much. Because I forgot to take the marskman modifier into account, an error on my part as you seem to have noticed (otherwise you wouldn't specify). So I don't take it quite well when you lie about not knowing where I got the wrong impression. Yes, I got it wrong, no need to be petty about it. That statement is vague at best, and I don't even feel the need to argue it. I rest my case either way. You can think the ISSR-B is better than the LCR all you like; in the end it's a matter of prefecences. Just don't go around thinking that your opinion is the definite truth.
  6. Onadan


    Since you people are bent on comparing it with the obeya CR762... The LCR has 15 more metres before damage dropoff kicks in. (60 vs 75) It also has better accuracy, as mentioned before. Combined with the slower fire rate, which means much less reticle bloom. Now I don't know how some of you equate a smaller reticle with RNG... It also has more damage per magazine What does all of this mean? well let me spell it out for you: it's a differtent weapon. One that excels in suppressive fire, but is also more versatile than a sniper rifle. Sure, it sucks against an obeya if you give them favourable conditions, but you're not supposed to do that: you're supposed to use make good use of those specs to your advantages. If you think that it's easier said than done, then this weapon is not for you, simple. Sure, it doesn't have amazing TTK to boast about but neither does the OBIR, or other weapons at the 1.2s mark or above. That's because they have something to make up for it, and wether you can make good use of that is up to you, the player. It's an informed choice to make, you don't want to, it's fine. All I'm asking is to be given the option to make that choice. An option that used to be there, so I know I'm not asking for the moon either. I'm still waiting for someone to come up with a weapon that compares to the LCR in term of damage potential per magazine, range, accuracy, full auto, with no movement impediment: N-ISSR-B and SBSR are both worse weapons, yet both are still available on the armas market, while the LCR is not. Which is the whole freaking point of the thread.
  7. Onadan


    Indeed. It's already sub-par due to having only two mods you can't change; thus my request for a R&D 3 version, which is the norm. (of course those tend to have a higher cost than the modded version) Though I doubt the IR3 will stay the way it is, although if it does it'll be a significant boost to the OBIR, relatively.
  8. Onadan


    Nice meme you've got there, but you're moving the post goals. The main criticism against the reintroduction of the LCR was that it was a completely unviable trash weapon, not that it was user friendly. He gave several good examples, and you only adressed one of them. Sure, you can hide behind your numbers: in a perfect world with no lag, where everyone hits every shot and only 1v1 to the death at the exact same time, with no terrain or positioning nor movement to take into consideration, they might be law. Except it's mostly abstract bullshoot at best. I guess, what I meant to ask is: what is your point? In a thread about giving customers the option to get the LCR, what is the point you are trying to make? That obeya is better when looking at raw numbers? Sure. So what? remove every weapon that is inferior to obeya? Because that sounds really stupid. So I ask: What is your point? Also, from a purely semantic point of view "easy to control" is exactly what "efficient" means, so I'd ask of you to think before you write.
  9. Afaik those two weapons aren't available in the OTW server. Asked a friend, who said he indeed haven't seen them either. I tripple checked the mails, no signs of them.
  10. Onadan


    Well, when talking about ease of use it's just down to preferences. I didn't know about the LCR until recently, and I must say I really like it. I'd buy it in a heartbeat, because 700 joker tickets per week is kinda rough... (however I'd prefer an R&D version) I'm really crappy with an Obeya yet have no trouble with an OBIR. What the OBIR doesn't have is LCR's versatility. Sure it's not as good as X weapon in X specific case, but it's useful in a lot of situations, and I've had the most fun in a long while with it. If you think the LCR is so bad, what about the EOL series then, I own all three, and they're crap compared to the OPGL. I get it, they're joker box weapons and not dirrect buy. Then how about the Colby RSA hunter? that's what I'd call a terrible weapon. I still have fun using it from time to time. Ok, you're going to tell me "but that's a secondary". Fine, let's talk about the worst primary weapon on the armas market right now (at least in my opinion): The SBSR 'Coroner', are you going to pretend that it's much better than the LCR?? how would you justify picking the SBSR over the LCR? worse bloom, worse recoil, worse TTK and the walking speed of a SR, much less damage per magazine than the LCR and ridiculous hard damage. And none of the LCR's versatility. The LCR is absolutely viable, the same can hardly be said about the SBSR, yet the LCR has been axed while the SBSR still stands. I don't want to be forced to farm joker tickets when I could just get an account lifetime LCR. Also the LCR is a counterpart of the scoped NTEC-5, isn't it? so why remove it and make it so one-sided? Besides, on a sidenote, what is worse: a premium weapon that is slightly better than the rest, or a premium weapon that is slightly worse than the rest? Of course, a perfectly balanced weapon would be ideal, but we live in reality, not in an ideal. I'd pick the slightly worse down to preferences weapon over something that could be described as P2W by slightly salty players. Sure, some people might have buyer's remorse and ask for a refund... but there'll always dumb people, and that's hardly the LCR's fault, especially when there's a joker ticket version to try it out... @MattScott I'll give you money, so sell the damn LCR. Or do you hate money and capitalism?