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  1. I'm sorry your life experiences are different then mine, but same (.7) TTK and good accuracy mean its really not hard to do. NTEC is one of my go to guns to fight OCAs, at any range.
  2. I've put this more eloquently before, but the simple thing is the NTEC is way more versatile then it should be. It's intended as the jack of all trades, but it dominates mid while competing too heavily in CQC. its bar none the best at 30-50m, which would be fine, but under that its still one of the top guns. Its not just me whining about other people killing me when I say its just as good in CQC as any SMG, I pull an NTEC out and do the same things. Everyone tells me to learn to play better, but the best way I find to play better.... is to switch to my NTEC.. I just hope Matt understands that as long as the CR-5 I've had for 6 years continues to make everything else a joke, I'm not going to buy anything else off ARMAS.
  3. Exactly what the title says. I stopped playing for awhile a few months after the original balance patch was announced and no ntec next; I checked back after I heard they were testing nerfs for it, and now I came back about a week ago and as far as I can tell nothing's changed about it. Am I right or just missing the changes?
  4. But all the others will lose to cqc guns up close 9 times out of 10. The ntec competes with them in their own range, while still being top in mid range. That's the problem. How am I wrong? I talked about real experiences I've had playing with and against it, and how the numbers on paper relate to that. You told me I'm wrong, with no other context; what a nuanced, well defended position.
  5. Assault rifle* I clarified, are you happy? Stop playing semantics and focus on what I said. Its fully competitive in cqc and out to out to 50m
  6. To actually get a .7 ttk in cqc you have to get extremely lucky. Then I'm the luckiest bigfarger alive because it sure seems piss easy to me. I can easily beat smgs with my ntec about 50%-60% of the time, and the same person with guns switched will do it to me. The ntec has high bloom, sure, but not high enough to make it a real problem. At close enough range that an smg will perfect accuracy, the bloom won't get high enough for you to miss shots either. At just a bit farther out, the smgs misses 1 or 2 shots, raising the ttk, while bursting your ntec will give you about the same time to kill and perfect accuracy. A shotgun with cover will beat it sure, but a shotgun with cover will beat literally anything, that's the point. That same shotgun in cqc without cover is probably dead. The ntec is absolutely a viable option in cqc, and then it has full rifle range? It's ridiculous
  7. Nothing for the ntec? It's absolutely ridiculous at any range, and I'm sick of being forced into a choice of use it lose to it. There's zero reason for me to ever buy any gun from armas when the cr-5 I got years ago will continue to utterly dominate anything.
  8. The big ones to me are the N-TEC and HVR 762. It's the same thing for both too, they're just to overall effective. The ntec is supposed to dominate midrange which is fine, but with even half a brain you can reliably beat smgs and shotguns in their own ranges, and obeyas in theirs. I'm not really sure what you'd do to make it worse at cqc and long range without touching its mid ability, but it just really needs to be toned down. The HVR is supposed to be the dominant gun in long range, and its not as overpowering in other ranges, but theirs alot of things you can do with it in cqc that need to be fixed. I'd personally like to see it given a damage curve like the DMR, where it has lower damage in CQC but ramps up to full at longer ranges. if it equaled the scout in damage (550) until about 50m, then went up to its full damage (850), you'd fix that problem and give the poor scout a more defined role as the short range sniper.
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