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  1. If you were on you would have seen the evidence after relogging when it crashed, and there wasn't a silver financial district anymore but there was an extra empty bronze one in it's place. Pretty much when the game detects that a % of people in that district outnumber the current threat color it will close and switch to that color.
  2. You know why it crashed right? Too many bronze players were in the district and the district closed itself in order to cater to the majority threat color. Is it smart? No. Should it exist? No. Before colored districts were even a thing you would hear people complaining once in a while about unfair match ups, and after the color change the number of people complaining multiplied exponentially. LO should do the right thing and remove the stupid threat district system since no matter what you're always going to have people complaining. Anyone saying that it would be completely unfair, let me propose this concept, in order to get good at something you have to fail plenty of times but you learn from each mistake you make, if anything the noobs are going to have a rough time at first but they're going to learn every tip and trick much faster.
  3. How much money did you waste? Jeez. it's not wasting money if he enjoyed the reasoning behind why he spent all that money. Just because you think it's a waste doesn't mean it's an actual waste for him personally.
  4. My ticket is now going on 2 weeks unchecked. I'm giving it some patience because LO is taking over the steaming pile of sh*t mess that G1 left.
  5. I've never heard of any weapons being available for account wide perm for that low of a price. There has got to be some misunderstanding somewhere in the midst of all this.
  6. I understand what everyone is saying but wouldn't a faster burst lead to being able to shoot another burst off faster than a longer burst? I just don't understand how that would prevent getting another burst out faster than without using cj3.
  7. Why bother? Just wait until you can buy another gun since everything you purchase goes towards the loyalty reward guns.
  8. I can't agree because the oscar performs great for me. It was never intended to be long range like the obir, it's a close-medium range gun. Throw reflex sight on it and use it as a cqc gun and you'll see what I'm talking about.
  9. It is something I miss and I'm sure everyone would agree that the current login screen music is garbage. Man, the memories this music takes me back to is amazing.
  10. I wasn't even playing so I was just going off what everyone else said. If they issued a warning then I don't see what the fuss is about. Any word on when they'll be back up or why they went down?
  11. Yeah... the login server is actually down which means ALL of the servers are offline. They must have a good reason to shut the servers down but I agree that they should have issued at the very least a 5-10 minute warning ahead of time. Unless it's another infamous ddos attack, wouldn't surprise me.
  12. Why not both? loyalty clothes actually sounds like a pretty great idea, maybe even loyalty car kits too. Now you have me hoping that they actually do that eventually lol.
  13. i was talking about myself Either way the p2w bs is just that, bs. The regular guns in the game will sometimes even outgun an armas gun to begin with, and the "p2w" ones that people claim are p2w are actually just reskins of other guns.
  14. feels nice until you realize you gave up a new car to get some pixels for as long as this game lasts I see this shit all the time and the only thing I can tell you is that I didn't spend the money all in one go, it was over the course of years. No, that wouldn't have gotten me a car and that argument is just childish.
  15. So one thing that always kept me coming back to the game after taking the usual break every so often, I'd come back and see that a new loyalty gun had been added for me to claim and it definitely kickstarted a reason for me to play the game for a few months. Now I come back and even though I still play I miss the surprise and joy of having a new toy to mess around with. G1 definitely deserted the PC version to work on the console versions but now that we have a new company running the show I think it's time to give us dedicated players some new stuff to make up for the neglect that G1 handed to us these past 5 years.
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