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  1. Giving away G1C seems unlikely to me in these kind of districts. JT seems more likely. Also, how would you fix spawncamping? The spawns can be an issue in normal mission districts already.
  2. This is a bit of a necro, but I feel like this deserves a bump.
  3. As much as I like this, this would require a *massive* amount of work. You'd need to retool a ton of animations and such for something that, let's be fair, very few people would use.
  4. This is literally game breaking. Even if it doesn't happen much, it still is an issue and should be fixed.
  5. This would require quite a bit of work, but I think having a personal place to customize and live in would be nice. This should definitely include all the necessities including (but not limited to): -A Mailbox -Ammo Resupply -Armory -A nice view of the city -Firing Range(?) For an obvious example of this, look to GTA. As an additional 'expansion', clans could have their own quarters, possibly with a clan-only vendor where one can buy/unlock certain items you can't get without a clan.
  6. How would you implement a catchup system? I can't really see how to implement that.
  7. Games like Warframe do it, so I honestly don't see why it can't be done here.
  8. I'd personally prefer a system that does not get reset if you forget to log in a day, and rather just counts the days you've logged in. The resetting system often feels unfair to me personally.
  9. I personally use the weapons over the symbols, and would kinda hate it if I had to go over every weapon to see which I'm looking for. That being said, this definitely needs to be done.
  10. GeneralMittens


    I will say I think some guns should be available permanently for free, possibly for 3x the price of the leased version or something like that. Obviously not the premium guns/reskins, but guns like the OBIR or N-TEC.
  11. So one of the many issues APB has is its dwindling population. I believe by adding daily login rewards we might be able to incentivize players to keep at the very least logging in daily. These could be small things like a bit of money or a primitive to use in the designer, with larger 'prizes' at certain thresholds. For a good example of this system look to Warframe, where you get randomized daily rewards that range from a small amount of credits to a -75% Platinum discount, and special weapons at 100, 300 and 500 days. This way veterans also get rewarded for sticking around for a longer period of time. For an example of how this looks in Warframe: Please discuss below!
  12. So effectively you want a larger fightclub across an entire district with PS2 style points to take and such...Sounds pretty nice but seems like overkill for the theme of this game. Could be fun though!
  13. Just wanted to say you should add a few breaks inbetween your text, makes it a lot more readable. As for the idea itself, it's not bad, but I feel like tactical grenade launchers would turn the game into even more of a grenade fest than it already is, and the other two are already covered with mods to some extent.
  14. Yep, great idea. Should've been added from the get-go.
  15. Wanted to add that this system also rewards long-time players by effectively 'giving' them a number of boxes for free.
  16. I'd like to have the ability that, if someone plays enough, they should be able to get a Joker Box for JT. This system is already around in Overwatch, and works pretty well there as an alternative to buying boxes. Basically, what it comes down to is you can either invest time or money into getting lootboxes. Feel free to discuss this below! I'm curious to see the responses.
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