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  1. @MattScott Could be used for inspiration i guess i love seeing early stuff like this especially the unreleased car, map etc.
  2. coeked

    APB Reloaded: DEP Error

    [photo of error] tried non steam apb also
  3. I've followed the manual way of enabling DEP and also doing it via CMD, both via admin and restarting after each attempt, neither work. This is on Windows 10 CPU: AMD FX6300 MB: Gigabyte one[not sure which] GPU: Zotac GTX 770 2gb About 2 months ago apb was working just fine, just tried it and it didnt work and gave me the DEP error. Then tried reinstalling[Steam version] Didnt work again. Any ideas? Thanks
  4. coeked


    I was just thinking of a way to make the game less cluttered since having 3 seperate currencies for the game all for the same use, purchasing in-game items. I just feel like its unorganised and feels really old maybe thats because of how long ive been playing and it has hardly been changed since release. Idk.
  5. coeked


    to be honest though I'd rather just dish out $35 to play the game, then have no premium bullshoot or paywall bullshoot. Just pay for a complete game and play. Thats an even better idea.
  6. ooo another person whos returning im happy people are. I started playing about 2011 when it was decent then it got ruined tbh. But now things are looking up atleast. In reflection to the new district suggestion, Maybe even joining Financial and Waterfront into "San Paro" and doubling the server size could be a cool idea would definitely make it feel more of a recent game with a bigger map. Good suggestions.
  7. Add better ways to preview items on the auctions marketplace, Since some symbols are simply unreadable and same goes for car designs and not being able to zoom in and pan around them properly. Could be useful to add some new ways of viewing items. I'm not quite sure how to explain it but let me know if you guys agree or disagree whether we should add such ways of inspecting items before purchasing or not.
  8. coeked


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