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  1. Any ETA on a fix for Mobile Radar? Thx.
  2. I'm confused why the already gutted Improved Rifling deserves yet another nerf on top. Was the 2 meters of extra range compared to before so incredibly powerful? How many people would be able to tell distance in this game within a margin of 1.5-2 meters?
  3. I'm curious to know why you wouldn't implement the new support policy regarding in-game trading when the new trading system actually goes live, rather than today? Can we also have an idea of what kind of shotgun changes you will be implementing, or whether you're reverting the balance patch entirely? Not super clear to me which way it's going with the A/B testing on OTW but the patch already being Live.
  4. 21% is far too strong of a downside for ROF and in no way is it a backhanded upside, as people are plenty capable of tap-firing at a lower rate than max ROF and do so all the time on many weapons. It's a straight negative and +7m in increased range is definitely not enough to counterbalance that negative. As it exists now, IR3 is used often mainly because it has a marginal upside with very little to no downside on most weapons. In other words, people use it because of the (lack of) downside rather than because of the upside. It's not an overpowered modification, it's just as close as you can get to a weapon mod with no downside on many guns so it gets used as a default.
  5. Interesting changes, if a bit drastic! I think that a simple 8% decrease in ROF (opposite of CJ3) would be enough of a downside rather than something as heavy-handed as 21%. IR3 is strong but it's definitely not a dominant mod, not even on the N-TEC where Cooling Jacket is a viable alternative. The upside of 7m increased range definitely isn't enough to overcome such an increase in TTK so it may go the way of Heavy Barrel (unused) in the current state. I'm wondering if the ROF decrease also affects the burst interval on the OSCAR/OBIR? If it only affects the base ROF it may have little to no downside and keep IR3 as the only viable red modification on those burst weapons.
  6. Cooling Jacket has the same downside as Improved Rifling in max bloom, but the side effect of having an increased firerate is that there's less time for bloom to recover, leading to effectively "more" bloom per shot. For example, on the N-TEC it blooms 0.65 with each shot and normally recovers 0.35 by the next shot, but with CJ3 it only has time to recover 0.3, leading to the next shot being 0.05 more inaccurate than standard despite no direct change to bloom per shot.
  7. Both Improved Rifling and Cooling Jacket affect the maximum accuracy loss (bloom) and not per-shot bloom. The downside is more noticeable on weapons where the maximum bloom is closer to the minimum bloom like the ATAC, which reaches maximum bloom within 2 shots, than it is with the N-TEC that takes 6 shots to hit max bloom; however, it is still a downside and it's definitely present and not broken.
  8. They're 30-day weapons as stated in the description.
  9. This issue happens sometimes when you change resolutions and toggle between windowed and fullscreen modes. The fix (rather than resetting the entire config folder) is to manually edit the "APBMachineOptions.ini" file under ."..\APB Reloaded\APBGame\Config" and change the following lines to your desired resolution: ResX=1920 ResY=1080
  10. I'm still unable to log-in to the OTW servers as well. Is this intended or is OTW currently unavailable?
  11. The biggest issue with piercing cars from a design standpoint is that it breaks the game logic. You can't damage people while they're inside vehicles due to the way the game works (you essentially become the vehicle), but the player model is still visible. If you could pierce cars this would lead to a situation where if people are lined up correctly, you can shoot directly through a passenger inside a vehicle doing no damage to them, but hit and damage someone on the other side. It doesn't make any sense and that along with the balance concerns you raised is why vehicle piercing didn't and won't happen.
  12. Hi Lixil, I'm wondering if you have a tentative timeline on this, or a definitive word on whether it'll be something coming in the future for sure? With the coming sale, I'm considering what to spend G1C on and I'd rather get some new things I'm interested in rather than duplicating gear and weapons that exist on another account that could potentially be merged in.
  13. I'm wondering if there will be a look at ARMAS weapons purchase options? Some weapons currently only have the Character Lifetime and Account Lifetime options, like the SBSR. It'd be nice if every weapon had at least a 3-day and 30-day option in addition to the lifetimes.
  14. Thanks for the update! Hopefully this can be figured out sooner rather than later, and I'm looking forward to the "celebration"!
  15. There's a lot of people that like APB's combat, customization, and moment-to-moment gameplay, but don't like the higher pressure of small 2v2-4v4 missions nor the large amount of downtime in mission districts. APB needs to have a "pick up and play" game mode to retain that portion of the playerbase. I don't know if Battle Royale will necessarily fill that niche, but it very well might. Removing an entire game mode like FC definitely needs to have a lot of thought and communication with the playerbase put in. Open Conflict is a different story, since it's currently just a private scrim district in practice and otherwise is pretty much always empty.
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