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  1. NecrophileChick

    Separate Chat in Social

    I'm pretty sure you're already able to filter messages in the chat color menu, i.e. you could disable /s messages or only display whispers.
  2. NecrophileChick

    Solving Dethreating [Simple Fix]

    I suck at APB and want to team up with my friend who is better than me. Do I have to get rekt on a gold district all the time then?
  3. NecrophileChick

    New content, ranks, and fair vote suggestions.

    Btw. there is a Request Team Leadership button in the team menu already.
  4. NecrophileChick

    Stamina Boost Criminal/Enforcer Character Modification

    Could you maybe explain what that has to do with anything?
  5. NecrophileChick

    Stamina Boost Criminal/Enforcer Character Modification

    To add another anecdote: I agree that fighting a full team of LTL tends to be very hard, especially in cases with stun OPGLs. I also agree that being the only one playing Stabba while everyone else plays regular guns is not OP at all... I'd like Molotovs for criminals, with nice AOE and damage over time. I mean, enforcers have LTL, can grab the criminals' stash and they have SIRENS! ;)
  6. NecrophileChick

    Stamina Boost Criminal/Enforcer Character Modification

    Even though the original idea of a stamina mod isn't necessarily that relevant, there are two issues mentioned in this thread, which I agree with: the lack of a crim substitution for LTL weapons the obvious dethreating exploit involving killing arrested players
  7. NecrophileChick

    New Way Of Making Money

    You can't really expect to make big money within the first hours of the game... I mean, if you're a little scrub going ham ram raiding all over the place without the protection of stronger players, no wonder some enforcers are gonna notice and take action. But I'd agree that ram raiding generally isn't very lucrative.
  8. NecrophileChick

    Matchmaking issue idea

    lol ok, but you have to admit that this basically equals to a free district choice, if you have enough friends on the list. Especially because APB friendship is not necessarily symmetric, i.e. you can add whoever you want without them even noticing.
  9. NecrophileChick

    Matchmaking issue idea

    Problem: > You're gold. > Your friend's not. > GL joining the same district without the Advanced tab.
  10. NecrophileChick

    1 VS 1 VIP

    Reading the thread title, I was thinking you would like to suggest having missions with one VIP per team, so players would need to coordinate who's guarding the team's VIP and who's attacking the other team's VIP etc. I guess I'd like that idea.
  11. NecrophileChick

    Save the Noobs and Fixing Threat Issue all in one

    I have a contribution to the How-to-fix-APB pile as well: Completely get rid of district locks and do proper matchmaking. I know matchmaking basically lives off a high population, so we might also need some kind of district transcendence.
  12. NecrophileChick

    Matchmaking issue idea

    No, not just like that. You should be able to group up with whoever you want to. A solid matchmaking strategy should ensure fairness even while dealing with teams of mixed skill level.
  13. NecrophileChick

    The game needs this implemented...BADLY

    More threat levels, slower threat changing rate (especially downwards) and more population to do matchmaking on would be great already.
  14. NecrophileChick

    make driving client side again

    To state an alternative approach to improving drive mechanics instead of client sidage, namely less oily streets.
  15. NecrophileChick

    make driving client side again

    Yeah, but they could remove some of the soap on San Paro's streets. APB driving is very drifty...