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    Fallen Earth General Survey

    Hey everyone, We at Survivor's Refuge are now looking to see how we can contribute to the general population of Fallen Earth. Therefore, I have created a survey that contains questions which will help us on our endeavours. I'd like to ask you to spare five to ten minutes of your time to fill out this survey, which will be a great help to us, and how we approach our goals in the future. All long answer questions are optional, but we encourage you to give some sort of a response, so that we can make the best of this survey. The link: Click here to do the survey. Please only submit ONE response! Thank you for your contribution. Ella Clinton Director of Survivor's Refuge.
  2. Hi everyone! Any of you that would be tuned in to the FE forums would know me as Ella Clinton. Little known fact however, I also play APB on the wonderful (sarcasm) PS4 servers. I've been playing now for a year and a half (since the PS4 release), and I've always been particularly fond of the designer. So therefore, I'm willing to create custom decals (to the best of my ability) for you if you play on PS4. My main character is on the EU server- I'm rank 120 so I have all of the less intricuit shapes unlocked giving me quite a broad palate of shapes to work with. I also have a character on the US server, but she's 100 levels less than my main, so I currently only have the basic geometric shapes on her. Here are some examples of my past work: So how do I buy a custom decal? Feel free to contact me via this post, forum PMs or Discord (Hella Ella#8763). Prices range from a mere 5k to a total of 50k per decal, depending on how tough it is to make. If and when you contact me, send me an image (or concept, a drawing would be nice) and any other details that should be involved. I will then assign the project a price, and you're free to accept or decline. The decal will then be yours to use as much as you like, as long as you give me credit where it's due, i.e. not claiming you made it yourself. My PS4 characters: MrsInvictus: EU server, R120, my main character. ArchDuchess: NA server, R20, my alt character. Feel free to say hello if you see me ingame! MrsInvictus APB PS4 Decal Artist Ella Clinton Leader and Director of Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth
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    Icarus migrations

    What's this about? Can someone explain?
  4. Hella Ella

    Survivor's Refuge needs YOU.

    Thanks, I missed that.
  5. Hella Ella

    Survivor's Refuge needs YOU.

    Citizens of the Wasteland, we need YOU. Survivor's Refuge is calling you to join the fight for mankind. Are you tough and enjoy a fight? Do you see yourself stepping into harm's way in the defence of others? Do you want to take back the wasteland? If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Survivor's Refuge Relief Unit (SRRU) wants to recruit you into it's ranks. The newly updated Relief Unit is setting it's scope on a broader horizon, and we want you to be a part and come on this journey with us. What's involved? The Relief Unit has a number of roles and responsibilities to play: Taking part in the defence of the Event Towns as a major contributor. Coming to the aid of any one person or group of persons in need. Providing aid and assistance to major events and gatherings. What are the benefits? Relief Unit members gain many benefits to aid them in performing their duties: Monthly travel chip allowance. Access to clan supplies and any available gear. Access to the Relief Unit exclusive team. Freedom to join in on Officer communications and to contribute to the future of Survivor's Refuge. A guaranteed position in the Survivor's Refuge Discord server. The ability to host and carry out clan meetings / events. The ability to recruit new members. And many more... How do I get involved? You can join by contacting Lead Director Ella Clinton via: Discord (Hella Ella#8763); Via forum PM; Or by expressing an interest in the comments. Training for the SRRU will occur over two consecutive days, and you will be promited to a Relief Officer upon completion. If you have any questions, feel free to express them via any means listed above. Thank you for considering the Survivor's Refuge Relief Unit; taking back the wasteland one step at a time. N.B. Training and promotion may take a while as I currently have no full-time access to a computer, but other SR officers will be available to assist me in your training and bringing you into the ranks successfully. Yours faithfully, Ella Clinton (Lead Director) and Logan Montana (Acting Director). Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth.
  6. Hella Ella

    Role-Play Blog

    There's a community based RP WEBSITE run by the well known RPers of FE for everything RP related. I feel like a subforum here just for FE RP would be unnecessary and get confusing, when you can just go and use the website that was made explicitly for us. Leave the G1 forums to everything else, and the FERP site to FERP. Makes sense in my head.
  7. Hella Ella

    MattScott Q&A Sep 8th Overview

    You're very welcome!
  8. Hella Ella

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    I have summarised the stream into 30 comprehensible points- see FE General Discussion.
  9. Hey guys, I have to say I really gravitated towards the Q&A between MattScott, Nysek and the community today. I have some personal opinions and reflections to come from it, but first I'd like to sum up everything that was said for those who missed it and don't fancy an hour long stream. Thank you MattScott and Nysek for doing this- I finally feel like I can relax a bit knowing FE is in good hands. I'll be summarising each point into a small paragraph for the sake of this post- I may have missed some small and/or big points as I was trying to write as much as possible down during the stream, so let me know if I missed anything. The Interview 1. The situation with game code? There is an established team looking after this, but it's difficult due to the code and software being outdated. Unity is being introduced to host client-side models and a test server is being used to experiment with these models. "We are not trying to change the mechanics- this first wave of development is literally just taking the game we love and bringing it up to current standards." 2. Anniversary event? Something will be put together regarding FE's anniversary, but next year it will be made a much bigger deal. "I'm gonna try get on the server- hang out with players a bit on the anniversary." 3. Nysek's involvement? Nysek noticed the Q&A post went dark and decided to step it up to "get the information out to the community." He has been involved with small-time testing on the Private Test Server (PTS) and also helped to set up LO's Mixer. 4. Stacksplitting? It is returning. It will be back ASAP, but there's no specific time frame. "There is a core-level issue we're trying to address related to duping." 5. Clan vaults going away? No, nay, never. "It needs work but we wanna keep that." 6. Waves of unbans? LO need to figure out how to handle reports from players, related to unfair play, duping etc. They are aware that some people were unbanned that didn't deserve it. "It really came down to what was in the records- what we could look up and verify." The situation was dubbed a "complicated scenario". They are working towards unbanning everyone- anticheat will be established so that constant offenders will be rebanned. "Give everyone a second chance and if they mess up, re-ban them." They apologise for the absence of GMs- their tools are still being figured out since they weren't explained during the handover. 7. Tickets taking a long time? LO are overwhelmed with tickets. "They're being worked through- wait time with customer service is inexcusable." 8. Monthly rewards returning? Yes. Subscription model will be altered, but monthly rewards are difficult to establish due to the game's old software etc. 9. Possible change in marketplace? The economy situation needs to be looked at, but it will all be refreshed. "I have to be careful there a little bit." 10. Daily maintenance? It's a fix for lag. It's either daily lag or daily maintenance. This will not change until the server packets are changed. 11. Hazmat powers? There's no opposition to giving Hazmats muting powers etc, but there is a fear of abuse. 12. Faction system change? No changes will be made to core systems like factions, quests etc- not yet anyway. "I wanna preserve everything as it is- I kinda feel like that's a Fallen Earth 2 discussion." 13. PVP / PVE additions or changes? They'd like to address these things- some things need to be changed, but the situation needs to be- as Matt put it- surgically picked apart. This is to ensure the MMO feel is retained. 14. Potential wipe? What's that about? The game data is too broken to fix entirely, so in future when everything is set, there will be new servers but the old one will also be kept so you can continue on as you wish, if you don't fancy taking over. Progression and premium items will be carried over, but otherwise it's a fresh start. 15. Server stability currently? Working on current code base is kinda a waste of time, but the new system will be designed correctly. Some kind of PTS may be open to premium players. 16. Compatibility issues? The new system will actually be more supportive for low-end and high-end devices alike. It will run extremely well. 17. Will FE have a comeback? Yes. It's a unique game that shouldn't be discarded, "I think it's unique- (work on) making it viable again." 18. PVP / PVE mechanics? Both will still be very much applicable, unlike APB which is only PVP. "I don't think there's enough systems out there that do both." 19. Player housing? He sees it as a core, endgame mechanic. "I don't wanna rule it out- I love the concept." 20. Achievements, badges etc? They are a huge deal and will be addressed, "We should fix those- don't know if they'll be (fixed) for FE 2 or not (before then), it depends." 21. New player-friendly environment? Matt agrees that the controls etc aren't similiar to that of FE's larger counterparts. "It doesn't have standard shooter controls- it took a lot of external research for me to figure out what was going on there (regarding him investigating an in-game feature)." Work will be done on the tutorial and standard controls. 22. Still using the PTS? Yes. "I'm a big fan." 23. Is Tiggs still around? Give Tiggs a break- she loved the game dearly and contributed to it massively. "Tiggs has had a rough go of things- she's no longer with the company." 24. Gathering and crafting revamp? "This is a whole area- implement it as is." A new analytics system will be developed to better understand items and their features etc. "We don't want it (gathering and crafting) to be abusively grindy." 25. Online statistics rather than Steam chart? Population is low currently, but can't be counted confidently because some players don't use Steam to play. "(Other games) closed down at this level." The new objective is to attract players to the game. The mobile app may also be reintroduced, "expanding the platforms it's on in some fashion." 26. Crafting times / slot adjustment? They want to focus on fixing the bigger things first, then focus on these aspects. "How can we improve that experience?" 27. VOIP? Plausible in the future, sort of like APB. Possible private chat groups for friends, like parties on a console etc. 28. New rules to follow? Get more GMs on first to enforce the rules. Terms of Service and Code of Conduct were updated recently, so maybe implement a new usable reporting tool. 29. Is Blackjack coming back? "I don't know- I love the idea. (Love to) restore the Bunker Bars..." Possible new alternative to Blackjack, or using the ingame pool tables. 30. Will there be new furry pets? "(To Sloth pet) I'm gonna say no comment." New pets will be looked at. P.S: Keep an eye on Forums. Follow LO's Mixer and a reward may or may not be put together for the followers. Thank you. Ella Clinton. Director of Survivor's Refuge, Fallen Earth clan.
  10. Hella Ella

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    Okay it's actually difficult to understand what you two are saying. You're all once again going off the rails in terms of what this thread is. If you want to discuss the game, create a new thread. Allow everyone else to voice their suggestions here.
  11. Hella Ella

    Role-Play Blog

    Fallen Earth literally has it's own RP website- FERP, so this is unnecessary.
  12. Hella Ella

    Q&A stream with Matt Scott and Nysek

    Taken from my reply to the 'State of the Game' thread. "As the owner of a clan, I am concerned about getting into the game. My laptop has gone 6 feet under but I'm looking to get a replacement system, although while I was gone, I've heard constant complaining over lag and other game related issues that have surfaced. Will this persist for much longer? I fear that something like this will kill the game before it sees new light, and as a long-time FE player and RPer, I'm not ready to see this game die. Secondly, if and when FE sees a complete overhaul of it's systems, will the running specifications change? Right now I can just about run the game- it's a bit choppy but playable, although large events or PvP sessions does see to a large penalty on my FPS count." To add to that: will any new mechanics be added to the game? I have some neat ideas for small new ingame features, such as riding as a passenger in someone's car. Is FE just being freshened up, or completely redone? I myself am looking forward to this stream. While it may not be the best according to all of you, at least somebody is finally talking about FE again. I'll be sure to tune in. Thank you. Ella Clinton Director of Survivor's Refuge.
  13. Hella Ella

    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    Hi Matt, This is spectacular news. After watching LO take the reins so seemlessly straight after years of neglect and continued deterioration of the game, it brings relief not only to me but to the extended community of FE. I see more and more old players who are now looking back down the FE scope with all of the new work being done, and it greatly humbles me to know that the game is very slowly, but surely, seeing a new life. As the owner of a clan, I am concerned about getting into the game. My laptop has gone 6 feet under but I'm looking to get a replacement system, although while I was gone, I've heard constant complaining over lag and other game related issues that have surfaced. Will this persist for much longer? I fear that something like this will kill the game before it sees new light, and as a long-time FE player and RPer, I'm not ready to see this game die. Secondly, if and when FE sees a complete overhaul of it's systems, will the running specifications change? Right now I can just about run the game- it's a bit choppy but playable, although large events or PvP sessions does see to a large penalty on my FPS count. Overall it's quite a relief to see you- Matt- interacting with the players of FE. The purpose of my clan has been to give players a chance to see FE for what it really is, to give them a community to be a part of and to give them a reason to stay in the game. I will continue to do this to the best of my ability, as FE has become such a big deal to me and I will continue to give back for as long as physically possible. Thank you Matt Scott and the LO team. Ella Clinton. Director of Survivor's Refuge.
  15. Hella Ella

    Unable to get into FE.

    That would make sense. Strange though, it usually says that. Thank you!