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  1. Let me start off by saying that I've been playing APB now for a year and 8 months, right down to the day of it's extremely turbulent release on PS4. I adore APB- the customization, the variety (apart from only having two mission districts, they got old fast) and the sense of community that you get with some groups. But with that also comes the rage, the piss poor matchmaking, the gang running around with Patrollers and rocket launchers, and the extreme abuse hurled at you if you're on the losing side. The problem isn't in the game itself, although the game has it's problems. The issue lies in those people who only try to make you miserable, crushing you under their boot like a little cockroach. I'm interested to see the kind of responses I'll get, because it seems that if you're not an avid PC APB player with atleast a few years under your belt, your opinion doesn't matter. This isn't me coming here to cry because my bog standard OCWA is nothing against the pitch-perfect Patroller, I'm here because people, like me, are being pushed away from the game because of this little toxic section of players, who seem to think they own the place. Don't believe me? Get yourself a PS4, go into Financial and ready up, and watch yourself be put with three Recruits, up against an entire squad with launchers and Patrollers. See how you feel. So, to Little Orbit. You're doing fantastic work, and I can see that. As part of the Fallen Earth community for many years, you're a gleaming star in my eye, to see you taking interest. But please, for the love of God, balance your game. Everyone wants to have fun, not get ganged 1v3 and feel a sudden urge to just delete the game. For now, I'll stick to running my clan in FE. Kindest regards, MrsInvictus PS4 APB, EU.
  2. Hella Ella

    December Crafter's Market

    Here's what I got from the event today: Thank you yet again for another amazing event Hooli, I look forward to having you next month for the big one. -Ella
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    State of the Game 08/12/2018

    This is incredible!
  4. In conjunction with Support Team Clan, the Crafter's Market and the monthly GORE bosses event... Survivor's Refuge presents; the Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally By Ella Clinton. What's this mad thing? This 'mad thing', the Survivor's Refuge Wasteland Rally, is a new idea for a large-scale serverwide event. Abbreviated to SRWR, the event is being designed carefully to consider every member of the Fallen Earth community from a PvE standpoint. The Rally will travel through Sectors 1 to 4- Plateau, Northfields, Kaibab Forest and Deadfall, visiting bosses, breathtaking scenes, scavenging areas, and many more. Giveaways will be conducted, virtual beer cans will be opened, and giggles will be had. Details, man! Time and Date: The provisional date is set to be the 5th of January (that's a Saturday), exact time TBC. Starting Point: Embry Crossroads town. Finishing Point: Los Alamos car park. What's involved: Boss fighting, group missions (if you have any that need to be done, PM me and I'll include it), scavenging, social areas for crafting and giveaways. You're crazy! How will this possibly work? Apart from my sheer craziness, I have many forces onboard to help me in ensuring that this event happens, and becomes one for the history books. Support Team Clan will be running a convoy overseen by me to ensure that every player gets safely from area to area. The Crafter's Market will be merging with the SRWR for the month of January to bring you epic crafting, giveaways and everything else that it does. Lucasocz's monthly GORE bosses event will also be merging with the SRWR when the convoy reaches Deadfall, to bring you all of your giant sandworm fighting cravings to an end. For the official event post with all details which will be released in the coming weeks, a map will be shown detailing exactly where the convoy goes, which areas are visited and what time these areas are visited at. Most giveaway items are generous donations from the players of Fallen Earth. I'm one determined clan leader and this will happen regardless. Damn, Daniel. How can I contribute to the event? There are two ways that you can assist us and contribute to the event: Donate items and / or chips to Ella Clinton or Kristyn Page via mail ingame. For any donation made, you will be shouted out by me personally on the day when your donation is given away in a giveaway or however else it's used. Offer to help out on the day with assisting setting up camps, directing players, and taking orders from Survivor's Refuge officers. You will be invited to the Survivor's Refuge Officers Discord server, and offered to attend meetings regarding the event. And yes, bub- you will be paid. (You'll also be given very noticeable clothing to wear- yay for neon yellow!) To help out, contact me on Discord at Hella Ella#8763. When will we hear more? A full detailed description of the event and all details needed will be posted here on forums in two / three week's time, before / around Christmas. Yes, I'll be preparing through Christmas for this event. I'm crazy, I know. Thank you to Support Team Clan for your help. Without you, this event would not be possible. Thank you to Hooli and your Crafter's Market for agreeing to merge with us, and to Luka for agreeing to merge with us for the month of January. That's all for now folks, you'll hear back from me again soon! Ella Clinton and Badger Mac Director and Co-Director of Survivor's Refuge.
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    December Crafter's Market

    Looking forward to it!
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    Survivor's Refuge - PvE and RP

    Hi Almonra, Contact me on Discord (Hella Ella#8763) and I'll answer any questions you have!
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    Survivor's Refuge needs YOU.

    Bump! Made some small updates.
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    Survivor's Refuge - PvE and RP

    Buuuuump! Made some small updates to bring the post up to speed.
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    Fallen Earth General Survey

    Bump! I'm still looking for responses, any contribution is useful to us!
  10. Weird, it gave me your name when I tagged this guy. My bad.
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    Last person to reply to this thread wins.

    You dont choose your enemies... ..your enemies choose you.
  12. Wrong forum, @basedpraetorian.
  13. Hello, I've decided it's time to move over to playing APB on PC, but I keep randomly getting booted back to character select halfway through character creation. My internet and system both work perfectly fine. Wondering if anyone could provide some insight, or if anyone else is experiencing this. Thank you for your time.
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    Turn The Tides

    You can't fix stupid, no matter how hard you try. Nuff said.
  15. Are y'all seriously getting salty over a GM going against Matt's word on nudity? APB is laggy and buggy, has a toxic playerbase (on PS4 at least), but no the big issue here is that we can't do nudity! Man, you guys are very strange.