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  1. I crashed every time after getting "Connecting to world" for some reason, hope that'll get fixed for the next one
  2. oh cool, let's ask for a stabba nerf next, so op especially at 200m and only enfs have it, such a P2W game...
  3. فوكينق كنتس اي دونت نييد قووقل
  4. i'm guessing you'll find a redeem code there
  5. Well thank you atleast we have an answer
  6. Nobody is selfish here, and yes it doesnt have to be a tradition , i was just asking if theres a sale or not so i can know if should buy what i need now or wait another day.
  7. They'll be ruining christmas sale tradition if they don't do any sales tbh
  8. i personnally like LIF , lowpass , Vacancy , Lumsheden , Pekausis , esgobar , propanity and alot more good creators
  9. I recently upgraded my computer and i got the "Trade Lock: 7days" message , i thought it only works for the trade system , but no seems like i was wrong , it blocks you from sending mails / trading / and Using the market place (Buying / Selling Stuff). Now the question is: -is the trade lock really a good idea ? I wonder if it can really help players "protect" their accounts, i think its completely useless , the trade system is already there and does the job , so is there a real need for trade lock ? , also not being able to Mail/ Put item on market & Trade is really bad, theres people that are in social most of the time and with this feature added it will just worsen the game.
  10. You cant get a bad product sposorised, this game needs alot of clean up and upgrades before this can happen
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