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  1. still curious to see the winners, are they listed somewhere?
  2. Kazumi "Paws" Fujikawa My second entry... Character: ky4 (Jericho) BIO:
  3. Isabella "Izzy" Hernandez Hi, this is somewhat different (more feminine and modern) take on what an APB contact could look like. I tried to keep the bio short, pardon my eu-grammar. For those who are curious, the process started with making a moodboard on pinterest. You can view it here. Character: LATLNA (Jericho) BIO:
  4. Why the hell is this dumbass discussion a new topic on the forums like every week?
  5. Ok. I gave you a suggestion and your answer is to basically attack me. @Stillbourne just posted a wonderful character design and he did it without offensive material. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  6. huh? I never mentioned anything about quantity I was simply saying you can substitute the racist ones to safer ones and still get the same outlaw-ish vibe on your costume.
  7. You don't need racist symbols to be an outlaw biker. I don't understand the problem here. I know they are common in that community, my dad is a biker, but they aren't required. Just be creative and think about all the things that are allowed instead of what isn't. Make some boob/pinup symbols if you want shock value and use strong language. There are serveral safer ways of expressing similar vibes.
  8. Ok people are definitely taking this too far. It's a halloween contest not a battle for your life.
  9. Not gonna question your winners here, grats to all the winners but we can all see that the winning costumes were made with premium. As proven in previous replies, there is no way the top or facepaint of the 1st placing costume was made without premium. There should be a 4th place for someone who actually did their outfit without premium. Isn't that the reason why you introduced 4th place?
  10. 250JT for one day is not bad. I agree with it not the most exciting reward but this is only day 2.
  11. Guess I'll just have to wait another year unless they change it
  12. Just completed the second day of the Epidemic Rank and got a mail including 250JT (or something like that) + the Halloween Ghost weapon skin. I thought I would get both and just kept on clicking in excitement... turns out I got no weapon skin. Is it a bug or are you supposed to only get one? If so, why don't you get both rewards? At least give us a limited time option to buy the weapon skin from Ophelia if you completed Rank 2 or something. I went from excited to bitter real quick
  13. I was thinking about this as well. Phasing is a good idea but it also takes away some of the open world elements which (in my opinion) are core parts of the game. Perhaps it would work to include multiple matches in the same phase instead of having a phase for each individual match?
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