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  1. VIVA LA VISTA!!!!!! It was a blast playing with you all from the green side (bad moons, antifa). I haven't been on in forever but you will be missed Fay and Steelsky! Running around s2 and recruiting new players from the beginning zones and bringing them up to speed was a good use of saturday morning. It was serious turf war with factions trying to carve out a space for new players to be able to harvest and collect mats. I remember when we carved out tinkers and you all had hollister. Fun times I switched over to ESO a long time ago, so if you ever try it out hit me up! If FE comes back, I will for sure try it out again. See you all on the flip side and two beers for ebbel! IWWchi/August Spies/Lucy Parsons
  2. ^ it for sure may be. I left years ago and said my goodbyes then. If it does come back, i will for sure give it a go, if not, life goes on!
  3. There logic is fine. Really, what was the point of keeping the servers up past 2016? Running a game that has exploits that can't be fixed, no method for anticheat and a dead population. The fact that LO attempted to keep it going and even work with the server was kind of a miracle. I understand them taking it offline to just work on getting the game ported over to a new engine. It's simple opportunity cost of sinking resources into an engine that is unworkable and in horrible shape, or work on something that may have a huge pull and possibly even relaunch the game towards something much better. I see the anniversary as a last celebration and the commander premium so people don't sit around with a craft que of 3. Good move!!! But this is an mmo, so people are always salty If the new server allows housing, passengers in mounts, revamps the weapon systems, and has an end game (ap weapons/armor were horrible design), then it will be solid
  4. Great times I really hope they are able to port the game over, especially in a new engine. The game showed it's age and limitations a long time ago. Hopefully a new engine will allow passengers in mounts, player housing, water could possibly not just be some red line....(yep, lets get some boats :D, some of the weapon systems discussed for years. I'd love to see the new version also have a true end game and bring value to some many zones that were left pointless because of op weapons (ap weapons) I can't blame them taking it off just to focus on it. They were handed a mess Best of luck LO! I will for sure check out the next launch VIVA LA VISTA!!!!
  5. Thanks for the update. I’m not expecting anything in the short term but look forward to the relaunch. Keep it up!
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