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  1. @MattScottI'm really excited to watch the development of the game, though I really haven't logged in for awhile. I'm really curious as to what possibilities, besides graphics, that a new engine could provide. I will come back when the game has been updated (and I completely understand it is a work in progress) As for a new engine: For a long time, one of the most common suggestions in forums was for mounts that could have for passengers. (bikes with carriage, pickup, bus ect) From what I heard (never tested) the collision mechanics were too poor. Would a remake of the game allow for that? Is it something being considered possibily at one point? I get that right now is really about builiding the foundation. Does a new engine also allow interaction with different terrain/water features? Water in FE is just a dead zone, blocked off from interaction. Would interaction with water (boats, swimming ect) be something that would be possible? Last, player housing. Would housing be possible? For example, a house that is instanced to an account. I also apologize if this has been discussed, and if so, can someone link Thanks!
  2. Looks good! Matt, do you think LO could out the event up on steam under FEs page?
  3. I really understand being frustrated. Im not sure how some of you held in there. I left do to the lack of dev, cheatimg, and.most of my friends had left. Im for sure sitting at the sidelines. My impression is that they stepped in, looked at the code and felt it was unworkable, outdated and that they can and need to update the engine and server. If a wipe is needed its ok for me. I have 8 toons but id be ok linlong up with a couple of friends and trying out a new release
  4. so for 3 or 4 years the game was stagnant and a new company comes in and you are expecting a lot. I think there are a lot of people watching from the sidelines. From the look of it, it seems that the code and server is in horrible shape and they are working on the foundation of the game. It might take some time for anything to happen but I wish you all luck! Also, if they do the event with pumpkins, I hope they take out any drop with keys. That was horrible for the games economy
  5. keep at it!, seems like a ton of work. I will jump into the game when it starts to near a final product!
  6. Matt does have a post in the state of the game from august I believe
  7. Ahora tu puedes jugar? Es posiblemente fue una dia de mantenimento. Ahora hay una nueva compania y duenos de Fallen Earth. Espere poquito en caso que el juego no es funcionando bueno. Ellos necessita un rato tiempo a ver la programa. Creo que en tiempo, el juega sera mejor!!!! Lo siento, mi espanol es mas o menos, pero verme en juega y podemos charlar!
  8. Its funny that this topic is called Fallen Earth’s Potential, then bicker about 4 years ago, the old pve vs. pvper nonsense. Yes, a lot of potential........
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