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  1. zlayer getz zeleted, thankz zupport
  2. I hate when my eyes close ansfgjkeajmkflsafgçlk see.
  3. yaepes

    Unreal 3.5

    Clearly that pc doenst have RGB BOYYYYYYY.
  4. yaepes


    Clearly 3999 G1C
  5. yaepes

    Delay When Swapping Weapon In Hand

    Could you stop abusing your desync, its really getting out of hand please stop, get some help.
  6. @TheTankbal Why do you have that youtube channel named (APB is trash) its abit hatefull don't you think? If you don't like the game simply don't play it, no one is forcing you to play it against your own will, perhaps you should think abit longer before creating topics like this...
  7. yaepes

    Welcome to the new forums

    Ohhhh forums look sexy