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  1. I grew up in a family connected to MC's so it was only fitting that i made one in APB. Warms my old heart to see players who still enjoy the MC life style, even if it is only in a game. The first MC i did in APB was C.R.O.W. and i still have the clan today, its rather dead, but idc. Then my step son wanted one so i made Curbstomp for him. Both were very easy to create without using any offensive material. Keep the MC scene in San Paro alive! (even if there aren't bikes in the game)
  2. Lol at anyone who enters these forum contests thinking the judging will adhere to the rules and be unbiased.
  3. While i appreciate and respect LO's attempt at their first event. This was a complete strike out. Not only is the event too complicated (D chat is filled with players not having a clue what to do, if an event requires a visit to the forums for explanation, its immediately terrible) The event also caters to griefers like no event ever has before. MANY players are simply grabbing an Alig and shooting up their own teams vehicles, preventing them from accomplishing anything at all. Districts are constantly crashing, which in most cases happens right before one team is about to win. (appears to happen most often when one team gets to around 75% or higher) The crashing alone discourages players for the simple fact that nobody wants to play an event that will only crash and deny what would be a winning team from collecting any reward at all. I personally am greatful for everything LO has already done for a game i have been addicted to since day 1 of being a part of RTW's closed Beta. However, this is my first negative reaction towards one of their attempts. I appreciate the effort LO. But this attempt is a complete failure.
  4. I can't help but laugh everytime i see somebody claim LTL is OP. I would much rather fight vs enforcers using LTL because it actually puts them at a severe disadvantage. Heres why. When an enf uses ltl he/she must not only stun you, but then follow up with an arrest or a kill. Had the enf been using a lethal weapon, you would be dead right there. Instead you are just stunned and technically have a second chance to live via a team mate killing whoever stunned you or shaking off the stun before said enforcer gets a chance to arrest or finish you with a kill, and if you do get arrested, your team still has a chance to kill whoever arrested you and free you of your cuffs. That basically means every time you go toe to toe with an LTL toting enf, you get 2 lives per spawn. Enforcers do not have the chance to recover from stuns or arrests. They only get one chance to kill or be killed. As far as the perc/pig cheeser combo, crims can use percs and a jg shotgun to get the same results without having to follow up with a kill or an arrest. I do agree that the long respawn time is annoying and can appear to be unfair. But in reality, its the only pro LTL gives the enforcers, compared to the downsides of using LTL that i previously listed. This is all just my opinion ofcourse, but hopefully this reply helps others to better understand the real disadvantage LTL brings to enforcers.
  5. This is a topic as old as the game itself. An extremely small population of players want this, yet nowhere near enough to make it practical. The amount of coding this would require is actually VERY large, not cost efficient at all, tedious, and almost guaranteed to break the character. Im sorry, its just never going to happen because its not worth rewriting the CAC coding for such a small population that want it.
  6. Here's where you failed. 1: I never once tried to claim i had the be all, end all, ideas. I simply shared an opinion. Are you familiar with the first amendment in America? Apparently not. 2: Your choice to spread your own opinion and label it as fact is the exact Liberal logic that is sending this world into a rapid decay. Just stop. 3: Only a single individual reached out to me to discuss this topic. Apparently in your backwards world one person equals "everyone". 4: If you're going to use childish cliches like "salty" to prove a point, nobody is going to take you seriously. You're welcome for the tip. 5: You might wanna find a new hobby, because trolling clearly isn't one of your strengths. Bottom line: Try researching the deeper meanings of a discussion and approach it in a mature manner instead of jumping in and virtually screaming "world star!" I have zero patience for childish trolling so your failed attempt has landed you a spot on my ignore list. Congratulations. Good luck to you and have a nice day sir.
  7. The fact you even typed that proves you are trolling. Because not once did I spread ANY information, let alone false information. All I have done is express my opinions on what I feel would help improve matchmaking. If my opinion triggers you this much, thats on you, not me. If you really started playing APB in 2017 like your profile states, then you have not played it long enough to even remotely understand what us CBT players have gone through with RTW and G1. So by all means continue on your way of immature trolling. I for one will have no part of it. Welcome to my ignore list troll.
  8. In a game like APB, plus with the type of cancerous players it attracts, any threat lower than the highest (gold) will be an insult. The cockier golds will make sure of that. I do get you point though. However, something needs to be done with match making. Its one of the bigger reasons new players are less likely to stick around. Nobody wants to play a game that forces a new player into the tumor that has become the silver plated golds distrrict, aka bronze.
  9. I repeat, nobody said a single word about "changing" anything. We are simply suggesting "adding" something. Whats your obsession with change? Should we start calling you CookieObama?
  10. Nobody said anything about "changing" anything. We are simply saying that "adding" another threat that's above gold would improve matchmaking. Something that has been flawed and scaring away new players since APB has existed. The mm system is far too vague when labeling players because the skill range is far wider than 4 threats will allow. I honestly believe a 5th threat would help. But i've only been playing since day 1 of the RTW CBT as well as day 1 of the G1 CBT, so what would i know?
  11. A "Platinum" threat for the no lifers would be nice, so im not forced to fight gods testicles everytime because the system wants to toss me in the same threat as them even though im terrible at combat in APB (why im labeled gold is a mystery to me and everyone who has ever vs'd me)
  12. I understand completely. I was asked what LO has done, i provided a link to find information for everything they have done. (which is alot more in 3 months than G1 did in the past 3 years) It's not my problem that you are incapable of clicking the topics within that link to read their contents. It's not my responsibility to assemble a power point presentation for you. #stopbeinglazy
  13. I was asked where any/all information about what LO has done for APB can be found. That link takes you to the very place that holds every post about each update and what they contain. I regret to inform you that you're going to have to click each topic and actually read them. #stopbeinglazy
  14. Are you really this lazy? Your parents must be proud at what you've become. The forums aren't hard to search. Yanno the game updates section? That magically houses all the information you wanna know about what LO has done to APB. https://forums.gamersfirst.com/forum/85-game-updates/
  15. Whenever a hurricane is discovered, the meteorologist who does so is granted the right to name it. Most are named after wives, which is why there are so many female named ones. I for one, am more amused that its named "Michael" during October.
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