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  1. I'll be the first to say that communication on the priority list, a short term road map, as well as a few WIP screenshots is better than no communication or updates at all. Even if the post originally had "Thanks, Matt" before the final screenshot. None the less, the screenshots no doubt bring back memories and nostalgia and I guarantee a lot of the FE lovers who still check in will enjoy. I for one cannot wait to step into a test realm or see some live streams in the future. Keep up the great work, excited to see more progress updates on FE and other entities over the course of the next year. -Bla
  2. While activating DMZ will allow your NAT to change(Open, Moderate, Strict), I heavily advise against it. DMZs purpose is to separate networks from one another. To sum it up, enabling DMZ on your home PC will pretty much expose your entire PC to the scary things the internet holds. It's pretty much like opening your front door and having a sign out front that says "FREE STUFF INSIDE". In order for DMZ to be considered "safe"(never is imo) is to heavily modify the firewalls of your computer for most, if not every program. Essentially anyone who waddles their way into your PC with ill-intent will be able to do various things to your computer/network. tldr; Don't do this. Forward ports instead. Hopefully this helps you better understand DMZ, -Bla EDIT: @swft linked some ports to forward above. (You beat me to it. )
  3. Awesome stuff! I'm really liking the "Slug Racing" logo with the color change depending on the color scheme of the vehicle it's on. Cool back story and info within the post, can't wait to see more Slug Racing vehicle designs and the future showcases.
  4. bIablablaheheheh

    i need help

    Hello @Tapboom, sorry you're getting this message. Do you happen to have a screenshot of the error? Does it say "explorer(dot)exe" at the top of the message box or something else? This message can appear for various reasons, all of which have to do with your system, not APB Reloaded or other programs. You may have some malware on your system that is overloading your PC with login requests, attempting to get into the administrator account to make changes to your computer. Another, more common reason is that you have faulty system files that just need a quick repair. All in all, I'd suggest going through this(Click me) tutorial created by a Volunteer Moderator over at Microsoft. This will not wipe your apps or data, but as always I'd do a full backup just in case. (BONUS) Run a few Anti Virus & Malware programs, even the basic Windows virus & threat protection. Hope this helps, -Bla
  5. Hey there! As Kevkof said above, there was a thread on Tuesday regarding this same issue. The "EAC Temporary Server Ban" error is caused through connection issues or an extreme amount of packet loss. Wait out the specified time and you'll be allowed back in, no issues. -Bla
  6. In order to receive the gold rewards(200JT) from both Baylan and Asylum, you'll need to be within the top 10% of the server. The minimum activities amount needed to be completed to consider you "gold" is dependent on whoever is lowest, within the top 10%. Keep doing the activities and work into being part of that 10%, you'll get the 200JT at the end of the week. Example being NA Baylan: Top 10% of players (10 Activities) As Snubnose said in his post below me, 16/15 means you're eligible for gold. This isn't a secure spot though. Pay attention to the Challenges Scoreboard(F6). The minimum requirement for gold rewards is listed on the Gold(1) Goal.
  7. bIablablaheheheh

    i need help

    Hey there! Wrong forum category. You're in the "Unsung Story" forum, instead of APB Reloaded. With that being said, make sure you don't have any programs open and running on your PC that could interfere with an anti cheat software. This "EAC Temporary Server Ban" message most commonly appears if you're sending too many packets to the server. i.e; you are lagging so badly that the server cannot figure out what you're doing, it's a safety precaution of sorts. Wait the time specified out. In this case 5 minutes and you'll be able to reconnect with no issues.
  8. Awesome stuff guy! I know a lot of people have trouble getting or creating custom panels, screens, etc for their channel. Thanks for taking the time to do this with various options for some small diversity.
  9. Advanced Civil Enforcement Specialists Applications: OPEN About AC3S/The History The Advanced Civil Enforcement Specialties, or AC3S, was founded in 2011 on the Colby NA server. Throughout the lifespan of AC3S, our top priority has always been to provide a tight-knit gaming community where players are not separated by titles or ranks. When you're in AC3S, you're one of us. You represent us through your actions in the games you play and the way you act. With AC3S returning to APB Reloaded we are hoping to see some returning members, as well as new faces interested in joining. At the moment, AC3S is only in APB Reloaded on the Jericho NA server. We do have hopes to expand into other games if given the opportunity. AC3S Teamwork Communication for AC3S is a must. Members of AC3S are held to a higher standard. AC3S utilizes VOIP, or Voice Over IP tools to ensure every member is on the same page while grouped up together. While not everyone will have the same skill level as each other, communication and teamwork is what can make or break a mission. Having teamwork and communication does not mean every member is expected to try super hard. AC3S enjoys having fun and takes pride in providing an environment where people can have that fun. Some missions will be super serious, others will be relaxed. AC3S Code of Conduct All members are expected to abide by our Code of Conduct regardless of rank. These rules are in place to ensure everyone is having a good time. While maintaining order and well being to not only AC3S members, but to those we go up against. NO GRIEFING/GHOSTING Following your groupmates when you’re not in their mission, blocking objective for their opposition, ramming them with your vehicles, informing your groupmates of their opposition’s whereabouts are tactics that are highly condemned. NO HACKUSATING Whether a member of opposition plays in a suspicious manner or not, members by no means should publicly or privately hurl accusations. NO SPAMMING Sending messages in quick succession in the group, team, district, direct-message, and/or clan-chat is strictly discouraged. NO DISHONORABLE TACTICS The following actions qualify as dishonorable tactics: Running with the item. Pushing enemy objective. Having a friend disrupt opposition gameplay. Using glitches that may provide an unfair advantage over the opposition. NO QUESTIONABLE BEHAVIOUR The following actions qualify as questionable behavior: Insulting, yelling at, and fighting with teammates. Being a cause for frustration for teammates during gameplay. Creating too much drama/being involved in global chat drama. - Breaking the aforementioned rule(s) can result in immediate expulsion from the clan. - AC3S administration reserves the right to remove any player(s) without prior notice. - Administration reserves the right to extend any probation without notifying the probationer. - If you have any issues with any member, report it to an officer. Issues with any officer can be directly reported to an administrator. Below is a breakdown of AC3S ranks: - LEADER: Senior officer head of AC3S. - ADMINISTRATOR: Includes senior officers that hold extra operational powers of the community. - OFFICER: A general officer entrusted with operational tasks and management of the clan. - VETERAN: AC3S members who have been in AC3S for at least 6 months and have well served the community. - VIP: Valued guest. - DESIGNER: Member(s) who volunteer to design and distribute AC3S gears among members. - MEMBER: Regular members that have been in AC3S for at least two weeks. - DICE: New members who are in their two-week probational trial in joining AC3S. NOTE: - Members are expected to notify AC3S administration should they plan on going inactive for any period of time over one month. - When in-game, members are expected to adhere to group etiquette. - Probationers SHOULD NOT go around asking for clan paraphernalia. Once the probation is successful you'll be provided with all the necessary gear. IF ANY OF OUR MEMBERS VIOLATE THIS CODE OF CONDUCT AND YOU WISH TO REPORT IT, PLEASE MESSAGE ONE OF THE OFFICERS ON THE FORUMS OR IN-GAME. Join AC3S Send in an application to our Website! https://ac3s.us/ . If you are accepted you will become a DICE member. DICE is a two-week probationary period in which you will be watched and critiqued. During this period you will not be able to get any AC3S gear, symbols, vehicles, etc, from any designer, but you can always create your own to help represent the clan. Once the probationary period is over your limits will be removed and you will become a full member. If you are interested in joining AC3S but don't feel fully committed to sending in an application, AC3S sometimes has open lobbies you can join. These lobbies have no requirement. All we ask is that you play the game as if you were a member of AC3S, follow our Code of Conduct, and have fun. If you happen to see a member of AC3S and are wanting to join a lobby, toss them a message. If there is a spot open, you may be invited. Clan members take priority over those who are not in the clan. At any moment may the group kick you to make room for a clan member. If you still are not convinced or committed to sending in an application, AC3S does have streamers who actively stream APB Reloaded on Twitch. Any questions you have can be brought to these streamers, in which they will try and answer to the best of their abilities. AC3S Opportunities AC3S has many extra-curricular activities that any member can participate in if they choose to. Designers: The designers within AC3S are a group of people in which know how to create themes, symbols, vehicles, clothing, etc. To become a designer you must first be a member, then volunteer for the position. AC3S Events: Events within AC3S happen frequently in and out of game. Clan Scrimmages, Races, and Movie Nights are the current events with many more to come. Clan scrimmages are currently the most popular, as well as the most common event. AC3S thanks you for having interest in joining our community. While not everyone will be accepted, We expect every application to show time and effort put into their topic. If we have an issue with your application, our officers will communicate with you, letting you know what should be fixed in order for the application to be proper.
  10. Amazing. A fun little thing to have back up and running!
  11. Looks so great! It's been forever since I've ventured up there.
  12. Very good idea to show off these players creativity and music style. Good prizes as well ;) Congratulations to those who won week one!
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