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  1. JellyBOY

    Matchmaking and Threat

    What's happening here?
  2. Where can buy a H-9 and AR-97
  3. JellyBOY

    Game down????

    The Han server is also down
  4. Every time the game is played well, will receive this. Can put out a silent system。My English is poor
  5. JellyBOY

    Reset password not working

    What's your E-mail address?
  6. Han server welcomes your
  7. I tried to translate the game language by myself, but the font was out of order.
  8. JellyBOY

    Unreal 3.5

    GTX 1080 and RX VEGA64 which should I choose?
  9. There are still some cheaters on the Han (East Asia) server How long will it take to sanction them?
  10. JellyBOY

    Jericho is dying atm