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  1. I see it, thank you
  2. Where can buy a H-9 and AR-97
  3. JellyBOY

    Game down????

    The Han server is also down
  4. Every time the game is played well, will receive this. Can put out a silent system。My English is poor
  5. JellyBOY

    Reset password not working

    What's your E-mail address?
  6. Han server welcomes your
  7. I tried to translate the game language by myself, but the font was out of order.
  8. JellyBOY

    Unreal 3.5

    GTX 1080 and RX VEGA64 which should I choose?
  9. What is the OTW?
  10. There are still some cheaters on the Han (East Asia) server How long will it take to sanction them?
  11. JellyBOY

    Jericho is dying atm

  12. When can update the language?