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  1. Was messing around with the new trade system with a friend and i put up one of my firework launchers and was gonna refurbish the other one and put it up, but i realized i couldn't refurbish the other so i exited out the trade and it deleted my firework launcher that was in the trade window. Its not in my mailbox and neither I nor my friend accepted the trade. ~`~~~SpooOooOky stuff Crusader-chan :3 OwO~~~~
  2. poptartzzz

    Dodgy clan names

    i was wrong
  3. poptartzzz

    Reset password not working

    sounds like i was looking for someone else with a similar problem. And if the support is down what should i do? Message support? Yeah nice one dumbass
  4. Is support down? I've been locked out of one of my accounts cause my normal passwords arent working and when i try to reset it i never get an email with a confirmation link.
  5. man youre a fucking degenerate
  6. poptartzzz

    Second Wave of Unbans has gone out!

    guys be patient, they have LOTS of tickets to go through..
  7. poptartzzz

    Lost all money earned after ban

    +1 rep speee has given me many legendaries