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  1. Name: HighPixel From: Miami Prefered faction: Enforcer Likes: 80s, Music, Knives. Hates: Low framerates Phrase: Killing for the law is not murder, its justice Ingame:
  2. Wow... I’m sincerely shocked. I used to love his videos. RIP
  3. Granted, but your underarms smell like Surströmming. I wish I had a big, tasty kebab.
  4. It is not really hell, but not far from it. I have mostly been f2p, though I have purchased kits, clothing and other cosmetic stuff and premium for 1 month once. It is mostly fine but the progression is a lot slower. And yeah, the reduced cooldown is a plain advantage over f2p’s
  5. FF proved that it is an ineffective system and it is not capable of detecting all the cheating players. This is why people are hacking without any fear of getting banned. I have played 2 days after returning and I have already seen people who use wall hacks, aim bots etc. They are enjoying this because they know that until BE is implemented there is an almost non-existant risk of getting banned. That being said I do not think that creating more threads about cheaters on the forum is going to solve the problem, on the contrary it acts as a major publicity for cheaters, which in turn results to even more people using cheats. The best thing to do now is to just wait it out until BE is implemented, because if you have enough skill you can outmach a cheater. And trust me, destroying cheaters is oddly satisfying.
  6. Granted, but if you do not follow his advice he will become an angry chihuahua. I wish no one ruined my wishes.
  7. Granted, he’ll be so cute you will see him every time you blink. I wish I had an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device.
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