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  1. It's not like you would piss off that many people with option #1 Edit: I agree with pushing marketing back. It would be stupid to do it now imo.
  2. Well what do you say to the hardware ones? IRL P2W? TOS says a lot of things and yet people still run configs so
  3. Put blame on the company lol. I mean what else is there? Xigncode? Don't make me laugh. In-house one could be amazing but cost a lot too.
  4. One way to go about this would be upping the protection, BE is better even than xigncode so I don't see how here. Or tweaking FF. Or cracking down on sellers. FF being the easiest out of all probably.
  5. Yes and Content. I want more stuff to wear and maybe to drive in, throw a gun or two in there. EDIT: Hairstyles is where its at. Let's be honest, if it is done well RIOT will attract a crowd. The key aspect here will be communication from devs/publisher in order for the crowd to stay.
  6. I'll just drop this here, please ignore the different game, the 'theme' stays the same https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rPWdGR9p5XI and say that when the time comes I'll be counting on you @Shini It'll be nice to have a bigger playerbase just please guys don't be toxic lest we scare the noobies away xD
  7. They can't do much though for new players aside from the weapon balancing they are trying to do. First needs to come the first UE3.5 engine upgrade and even then it would be smarter to wait for the second UE4 engine upgrade. Sidenote: YaY. First post. EDIT: Let me clarify, smarter as in for the developers since they would have to port less things and it would be faster. I myself am pretty sure that we'll be getting some content after the first engine upgrade, which can still be ways ahead.
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