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  1. Alright, I've never played there but it feels kinda different on Citadel imo. - dont wanna discuss what type of wave that is, for me it looks like a half sinus but this isnt correct. You're right, but I dont care, cheers
  2. I actually only see golds and havent played against silvers for months except FC. I'd also be interested in official numbers but I dont think that'll look like your sinus-wave. Maybe a few silvers more than golds, but tbh for me it feels like only the veterans are still playing the game. Every mission of mine is full tryhard and not a single one is a little chill.
  3. wants to buy a legendary for 1m, got 500k right now dont feed the troll, just go into the market and get your hazardous
  4. Dang that sounds actually fun, but I cant agree with "Not knowing who I am playing againts, or who I am with was quite fun" because like everyone is gold nowadays and I always matched up against any other tryhards on OC
  5. Gonna try again soon, finding a tutorial for modelling or creating a scene shouldnt be too hard, you're right. Your Google Docs Tutorial is still working that way I guess, as well as the materials featured in the first post of this thread. Thanks for your reply.
  6. I'm playing every shooter and kind of competitive games on low graphics just for the performance and better visibility. Maybe the FPS are better with the use of the Advanced Launcher but without it, I've got < 100 FPS with a 7700k @ 4.6 GHz and a 1060. Everything on low except cars/character/weapons is just fine for me at the moment x)
  7. Are there any updated tutorials on making a simple scene? Would love to make a wallpaper from my char! Back in the days, I managed to rip off my model with ninjaripper or what it was called, but that was it. After that ive gotten lost.
  8. Some of these are actually crap like the hazardous, because there a better option obtainable ingame or if you spent like 50€
  9. Get a new GPU and use the advanced launcher and you should be gtg
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