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  1. I never tried G1's RTW high TTK attempt but as I recall they kept the huge recoil/RNG bloom which didn't exist back in RTW.
  2. Buying a PC just for APB is not a good idea...
  3. Still stuttering and fps drops, no change. Although I will say it does settle down a bit after a few mins of the game running, but there's definitely something messed up going on. Way more microstutters than there used to be.
  4. (I'm assuming given the patch notes that today's patch did nothing to fix the issue) EDIT: no, exact same issue for me - see vid
  5. It's client side. This is directly after doing a repair install. Look: apologies for phone recording. It might be difficult to see the stuttering given the 30 fps footage (easy to see in 1080p though) but it's there and is severe, there's no reason my fps would be dipping under 100 either which you can see in the counter. Should be rock solid more or less 144 (aside from the periodic garbage collection drops). It's probably due to windows 8.1 and incompatibility with the new patch but idc enough to upgrade for APB.
  6. Eh this was introduced for me since the patch before this one (with RIOT). Literally unplayable stuttering, fps all over the place, solid 144 fps before RIOT patch. i7 9700k @ 5.1, 2 x 8GB 4100mhz, vega. All other games perfect.
  7. Not that I really play APB anymore but im on windows 8.1 and getting really weird unplayable stutters/fps drops only since APB update. Dunno if it's related to the DEP thing. No error messages though. PC is top of line and no issues before update nor in other games.
  8. All-rounder gun and one which I found (when I played) quite rewarding to use. Using it versus a fully-fledged team the weapon is an underdog tbh, you can quite easily get dominated by any decent player in their particular range. You try getting 4 bursts off before an OCA destroys you in CQC, it's very hard, with an ntec you stand a much better chance. Mid-range is its niche and it's decent at chipping away at the enemy team's health, it relies on effective use of cover to pop the first burst which can be an advantage defensively, but honestly, if they were to nerf it in any way it would be useless. It's one of the few mid-range weapons to be accurate hip-firing. It does rely on decent movement skills to use properly (due to its hipfire accuracy) and for that reason it's a different playstyle to other weapons, which can work in its favour every now and then (usually when you're already dominating the other team). If the other team is already annihilating you good luck trying to change anything with the OSCAR, best switch to your HVR. It's balanced and people who say otherwise probably haven't used it.
  9. then what will i use to pre-win fights? Something which requires a modicum of effort and ability. Such as percs, ogre, HVR etc. Ensure you use epinephrine injector to speed away before popping your large supply box and proceeding to infinite yolo nade the living fuck out of a spot. Make sure by that time you've equipped your buggy as shit shield that you can peek for 0.1 sec and do 90% damage to the enemies with your HVR. APB is a good game with well thought out implements.
  10. I hope this is true because they deserve to be removed from the game.
  11. lol, top quality post. Ah, so it's that kind of balancing.... great. These weapons are irrelevant and should stay that way, nothing useful or positive will come of making them relevant. Or rather what I mean, is that there are bigger priorities in my opinio Cool, I'll bear it in mind so that you may better associate yourself with my name. You really think so? All balancing changes will be subjective and inherently a matter of opinion, there will be no one size fits all, there's no objectively superior gameplay change and hard data will not dictate anything. What hard data are you even referring to? We'll see I guess, people assume that these developers will make good decisions but I'm sceptical. I heard that it was a complete shambles in that G1 did not replicate the RTW experience at all, they still had bloom/recoil and various other things which made it not comparable to RTW. I did not experience it myself to comment. My main point there was on making weapons more consistent, reliable and reducing the influence of bloom (see the OSCAR for a well-balanced weapon in my opinion), I'm not necessarily advocating a complete overhaul of the TTK system, it's just an afterthought and my post is not premised on that, LO will do what they will do irrespective of me.
  12. Though of course that's what I mean, it's not a good way to win favour with the public. But true, we can't have LilyV3 running things can we.
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