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  1. Yeah neither am I. Most of the Codes are near the Gas Canisters anyways so it is purty pointless. New Players are what matter for this game right now, yeah.
  2. True, but Apex is different as it's death field is a slow closing circle that stops in phases to allow players to fight within it for a set period of time. So spawning is less of a chore. As where RIOT relies on players closing of sectors at their own pace whether it's the gas spreads fast or slow. I mean unless you're saying we should be able to respawn in the gas then yeah, I get your point.
  3. Are there any plans to add the ability to fully buy out the RIOT pass tiers with G1C when it comes out? Kind of like Fortnite or ROE. Maybe if people don't like the mode but want the rewards. Since I'm assuming they will be cosmetic.
  4. I don't use UI scaling and most of UI is very annoying. It was overwhelming with the amount of windows, and text on my screen and I play the Vanilla APB. Imagine a New Player seeing all this amount of UI. It's way to much imo, some of can be scaled down or fade out and in when necessary. Like put the Respawn cost next to the amount of RTokens you have rtc. Also the RIOT symbol at the top is pointless. Another thing I noticed was when you pick up a hazmat suit 2 or more it does not show up anywhere until you actually use it. So if you want to know how many you have you have to use a suit. So eerily quiet. While I do agree the mode is very confusing. I do not think cars would do anything for this mode other than hurt it. Cars are already tanks in vanilla and people will just rush you with cars most of the time. Please do not bring them into this mode. I spawned near many enemies as well after losing a life as well. I honestly can't think of a solution for this if they are going to use lives. All of this I agree with. Another thing that needs to be done is something about that last phase where the last combatants fight near the Escape truck. Just camp near it and win. I wasn't there long enough to notice if gas spreads to the last sector but camping near the truck seems the way to win.
  5. Puts tin foil hat on. Oh my lord, it must be Red Hill sending subliminal messages into our minds to advert APB! Next thing will probably be Sleep Paralysis of a Pioneer with Car Detonator & Explosives 3 coming towards your bed!
  6. If you mean after the servers are back online and fully working again. Go right ahead buy whatever you want. I personally still make small purchases from time to time to support LO and what they've done. More money means more content. More content means more stuff to buy. I hope. x-x
  7. Well yeah, duh. The whole point is to have it for a long time so people don't need to store their shit in the Market.
  8. Just make a new Personal Bank Contact NPC in Social District for players. Put him in the Galleria. Call him Vault, he has no faction. He can hold Weapons so you don't have to scroll through a massive list when resupplying or changing guns, Consumables, Themes, Clothes etc. Overfill items go to the Vault by default of your mail. Make him have a good amount of inventory space and you can earn more slots from new upcoming contacts or Joker Tickets maybe?
  9. Yeah, I love the diverse areas compared to Fin. Like the Ferry, Shopping center, and the river bed thing. Albeit all of them are horrendous to combat in. Same with the freeway sized roads and lack of cover. And that damn ambulance objective bug in that mission near the main Ga5 station in WF that does not let you cap it.
  10. About 2k over the years, give or take. Nothing really left to purchase from Armas right now for my main since I have everything I wanted. Can't wait for new clothes to arrive so I can throw more money at this game.
  11. I see, okay thanks! I'll give that a try.
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