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  1. It's true, they should make something abaut the Chat spamming, But also you can play with the chat settings, Decheck message type that you don't wanna see in the chat.
  2. True in a way, but the cense to remove the shield is like 0% First, it's verry useful in combat... And second, they should better fix it instead of removing it...
  3. Hello! If you are intrested in more songs from APB music library, you can find here! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLciKmgA9Dom8p1rSp3NJDCbp4NtOqhhbH Have fun San Paro citizens!
  4. You can also sit on a moving car by spowning a Shield on the specific car.... and with the shield on your hands press (ctrl) You can't move or use any gun while having the shield on your hands! Also when you drop it your character with start falling off if the car it's moving! Have fun San Paro citizens!
  5. I have 18731 h on steam but I have seen 30k + (you can call yourself a veteran when you kill 15 in a row with no wepon/grenade... Just by falling on opponent.... I have tried.... 11 so far for me)
  6. This should help you more on making the email more useful. Answer to the questions below in your ticket! Which game are you trying to access?What is the email address listed for the account?What is your date of birth?What are your character names / server name?What is the registration date and Country of registration for your account?What is your IP address?Please provide transaction IDs and invoice IDs for any purchases you may have made. This is not Armas or Marketplace purchases on your account but the actual transaction ID and Invoice ID provided to you for purchasing G1C. These are typically made with Payment Providers like Steam, Paypal, Boku, Payment Wall, Ultimate Pay, Karma Koin ect.
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