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  1. Hello, I'm on the Jericho Server and I would like to buy/trade for themes created by " Jive45 ", who was an old theme maker from the mid Joker server years. I really liked his themes, please PM me if you have any of his themes and I'm sure we can work it our with APB Cash or trades. Thank you.
  2. Someone already did recently, look at the range and how quickly it kills a moving target. Now try to replicate that ttk in that situation with an Ntec
  3. Regarding those well put together clips of the ATAC shown above, while it's true that an Ntec can perform similarly in those circumstances (killing moving targets within 2-3 seconds), the fact that the ATAC is a high reward/low effort gun that competes with the Ntec, is already showing that it has no place in the assault rifle class in APB. Just look at how accurate and how fast the ATAC kills a player in that range and circumstance (moving target) and then try to imagine a typical Ntec user tap/burst firing to try and match that ttk and accuracy. While a very skilled Ntec user might get similar results, the fact that almost anyone can replicate the ATAC kills shown above with little effort proves my point that the gun needs to be "adjusted" to work with the combat phycics of this current game.
  4. If it's so "balanced" why did I see much more ATACs than Ntecs yesterday. A lot golds used them and a lot of silvers, all different players too. I only saw about 2-3 ntecs compared to an army of ATACs, something clearly got touched up in a ATAC, maybe a ninja sneak adjustment patch, I don't think you all notice it. Anyway, let's just assume I'm noob and the ATAC users can move on.
  5. Play against one a few matches and you will feel the BS power from it.
  6. So you guys don't notice it then? All the other guns I go up against everything is normal and consistent but it's different when I'm up against ATACs. Maybe I'm just crazy.
  7. Little Orbit, I urge you to take a close look particularly at the state of the ATAC, I don't know what got touched up in the last patches but an army of butt naked low rank silvers are 85ing golds in half a second and golds are going 20-5 with them in Financial District. The gun is way too accurate and tags way too fast. Lower the firerate or increase spread. My ntec/star, fired at proper firerate and burst is outspeeded by the ATAC.
  8. As I said before and others have said, The Deep Impact is the most versatile one, the nade can shoot up to 60m (farther than any of the EOL) with the proper arc and using the DI along with FBW with proper reverse quick switch tactics and general smart play will destroy high level golds squads. Instead of braindead spamming, the EOL Deep Impact requires arch knowledge and confidence to use. The Kickback is probably useful and fun for Asylum, those tight spaces where enemies cannot slip away or escape. The other one just sell it.
  9. While we are on the subject of the EOL Deep Impact, did Little Orbit change the gun's nature at all recently? It may as well just be server lag but the gun seems more ineffective then ever, nades blowing up at near with pin point accuracy but they seem to do no damage at all. No they weren't using FLAC JAC either. The Deep Impact + FBW was my go to setup for Financial District for 2 years already but it feels different now.
  10. I actually believe being a crim gives you combat advantages, for example a crim's shooting animation when using a FBW shoots with one hand only as opposed to enforcers holding the gun with both hands. It has a sort of placebo effect on the player since the hands a more free during the shooting animation that makes the player become more nifty and shifty moving around while shooting? IDK if its like that for others but its true for me.
  11. You've probably been playing against Sidezz a lot, he's pretty deadly with that carbine, but you should try the gun, its pretty strong with RS3, just sprint shoot the gun and you will realize the huge advantages it has over some of the other guns when tapped correctly.
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