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  1. In creating this thread I was "inspired" by the thread about health bars. One of APB's longest standing issues is the fact that its method of conveying information is not concise. There are several types of information that are withheld from the player, or only revealed in imprecise terms. I believe the game as a whole could benefit from implementing steps to improve the communication of information. 1) Get rid of the bars in item cards AND/OR Overhaul item cards in general. Let's use a visual example here. Pretend, for the sake of the argument, that you are a new player who has never seen this game before. What does this item card tell you? What are the numbers at each end of the scale? Does this go from 0 to 100 or some other number? In that case, what is the 100? What is a new player supposed to understand by looking at "Reload Speed" and seeing the bar be in the middle? "This gun reloads medium fast"? What is health damage and hard damage? What is stamina, considering that there is no stamina drain from sprinting? What are you supposed to understand by the "Rate of Fire" stat - "this gun shoots about this fast"? This type of information should be, at the very least, given to new players in a concise tutorial. If that is somehow not viable, reword the existing descriptions (for example, rename Hard Damage to Vehicle Damage). As it stands right now, this item card provides no actual information, instead providing rough estimates without numbers in a game where people try to go for minimal Time To Kill. The changes should extend beyond just the weapon item cards and also apply to other equipment - perhaps most importantly: vehicles. The bars in the item cards should be replaced with either numbers or actual descriptions. "Ramming Ability: Minimal" or "Grip: Moderate", or even just straight up normal numerical values ("Health: 1,000") can convey much more useful information in a more efficient fashion. The item cards could also benefit from having modification changes reflected on them. For example, you could have the item cards show something like: N-TEC 5 Nol Reload Time: 2.40s but when you mod it with Magazine Pull 1, the item card shows: N-TEC 5 Nol Reload Time: 1.92s (2.40s) Obviously this would not necessarily have to look like this, it's just an example to illustrate what I'm talking about. 2) Clarify the health mechanics. As it stands right now, the biggest issue with health mechanics in the game is the fact that each player's maximum health pool is never explicitly provided to them. The magical "1000 HP" number is never given to the player by the game. As a consequence, new players practically have to rely on being in a combat situation and personally experiencing a weapon's damage output to gauge it ("okay, this gun takes 6 shots to kill me"). The game should provide a short tutorial or description of the health mechanics, while also explaining the stamina mechanics and how stamina is different from health (as both health damage and stamina damage are listed on item cards, and LTL weaponry is a part of the game). Right now we're leaving newcomers on ice and practically telling them "find it out yourself lol" - and this kind of practice does not work well towards player retainment. 3) Add a health bar to the game. This might be controversial, but opinions are meant to be expressed - adding a health display somewhere on the screen (by which I mean actual numerical values instead of screen tint/hearing impairment) could be a good addition to the game. It could help people with picking their equipment and knowing whether picking a fight is a viable option at their health level. It could also, in conjunction with making the damage values on item cards numerical, give a more explicit and hands-on idea of weapon statistics and performance. In addition to that, green character modifications would have their effects be more tangible and easier to estimate in combat situations. === As usual, I'm not claiming these ideas to be unambiguous improvements or something inarguable. If you disagree with an idea I'm putting out, I welcome your response telling me why you disagree with it. In the end, if we discuss our ideas, everyone benefits from it, since we can come to a conclusion about what is good for the game and what isn't. On the other hand though, if you agree with something said here, feel free to show your support towards it, to give Little Orbit an idea of what the community finds to be beneficial for the game.
  2. I feel like this suggestion is a part of a greater issue - that being: APB does not really communicate any statistics accurately. It's never explained what hard damage does, what is stamina damage (which can be confusing because the game does not have a typically understood stamina system in the form of sprinting etc.), what's health damage - and to make things worse, it's communicated through bars out of all things. Players are never told that they have 1000 HP, nor are they told how much more HP they get from Kevlar Implants. Similarly, you won't know that Fragile will lower your HP to just enough to tank one N-HVR shot if you're at absolute maximum health unless you are told that by someone else. It's hard to gauge the actual properties of your arsenal if you can't calculate the functional damage output, accuracy, mobility with a given weapon and so on... The worst thing is that this is not something new. These topics have already been discussed in the past. That being said, I can only agree partially. I think enemy HP should be kept as hidden information, only really available as it is right now (i.e. you can only know the damage you've dealt once the enemy is dead, by seeing your points for the assist). Player health, on the other hand, could, in my opinion, be shown on the screen without causing too many issues. (Though there's the issue of where to place it on the screen.)
  3. I remember actually numbercrunching the prices in KTTW. The document is gone now, but IIRC ignoring some things that are unavailable separately and/or accountbound, the total price of the pack was close to the actual full price if you were to buy all the items in it individually. Honestly, KTTW's greatest issue is that the price is jacked up by all the country skins - most of which will very likely go unused, since players will probably only use the weapon skin of their own country. (Well, and maybe the Japan Weapon Skin. I'd say it's the best country-pride weapon skin because the colour scheme and the simple dot look good and aren't overly in-your-face about HEY I LIKE [COUNTRY NAME] like the other skins.)
  4. There's also Key To The City and Key To The World. I think those packs listed above are the only gear-related account lifetime packages/bundles. The only ones that are 100% account lifetime are the ones that specifically mention it on their pages. (For example, the Juggernaut Strike Pack has "Account Lifetime Pack" listed on its page in bold red lettering.)
  5. In this thread: OP insists that learning gameplay mechanics is somehow unfair. OP insists that learning the cycling/refire rates of guns is not a thing. ...and OP insists that the OSCAR fires randomly. This honestly reads like you're complaining at your own inability to learn and calling for an arbitrary nerf to one of the most balanced guns in the game specifically because of it. Have you honestly ever considered the possibility that your opinion is being criticised because it's fundamentally flawed and not because "veterans are defending their toys"? "no one will keep playing the game if it continues to reward those who learn to be consistent" Pray tell, what is there to change about perhaps the most balanced secondary in the game? Please say something like "a random chance for the gun to jam as you try to fire it" so I can have a laugh. I know this forum is an international one, so timezones are a thing, but this thread honestly feels like something written at 3 AM with minimal clarity of mind.
  6. 1. How does RIOT compare to other APB game modes? My very first match revolved around me getting flung into the game with four people I've never seen before, not knowing where to go (the radar icons helped a lot though), and kind of just getting wiped by someone I couldn't see. The next matches, though, went a lot better, because I had my first experience and knew what to expect. It's definitely something new for the game. Even though I have a dislike for the battle royale genre as a whole (I find it fundamentally flawed), I honestly didn't mind APB's spin on the formula. However, I can't personally compare Missions and RIOT. It feels like apples and oranges in terms of objectives you pursue. 2. Would you encourage your friends to play RIOT? I probably would. I'd say the biggest entry point is that the game is free to play, so they don't lose anything from trying it out. 3. How would you explain RIOT to someone who has never seen it? Pretty much battle royale with APB's combat mechanics and the ability to control how quickly the playing field shrinks. I wouldn't try to sugarcoat it. 4. What ONE THING would you change about RIOT if you could? The spawn system. Getting respawned within range of your killers can lead to instantly losing the last-chance life. 5. What is your favorite aspect of RIOT? The ability to control the pace at which the playing field shrinks. I think it's a nifty idea. 6. What about RIOT do you like the least? I'd say it's the fact that red names are hidden. If the match takes place during in-game night, or in a dark area, you WILL die to edgelords wearing full black. (But that's mostly their fault, the schmucks who lack a fashion sense :^) ) I'm still not sure how I feel about the inclusion of battle royale in the game in general. On that note though, now that I've tried it for myself, I honestly don't hate RIOT. I think it really could become a full-time gamemode in All Points Bulletin.
  7. MartinPL

    Riot test!

    I've found a bug. While in the post-game (spectating after having died), trying to connect to other instances than the one I'm currently in does not work. This applies to any instance, not just Social (as seen on the image), even when Advanced/Instances view is used.
  8. This is exactly my issue with this thread. OP, you're not being smart here by throwing some loose idea to the public and letting people discuss the vague post. You're effectively having us write your post for you. If your idea boils down to two words and no further elaboration, and you're hiding behind "I want to hear other people's opinions", you're hardly contributing anything.
  9. Devil's advocate, I guess - though this thread is super barebones and doesn't go into any details, the idea itself isn't bad if we're talking about a mission district. Between Financial (a generic downtown area) and Waterfront (a generic industrial-esque area), what theme for a district could fit in? I think the casino theme could work - high life, high stakes, celebration of money as the most important thing... For real though, OP, please develop your threads. You say "casino district" but you're not saying anything about it. What exactly do you have in mind when you say "casino district"?
  10. Technically, it's named after an in-universe vehicle manufacturer :^)
  11. The season exclusive Slay Bells and Epidemic, for Christmas and Halloween respectively. ...try using less sarcasm next time?
  12. That's admittedly a silly slip-up on my part, I've meant to say FairFight there. Not sure why I said BattlEye instead :V
  13. They promised they would give us a new anti-cheat to replace FairFight. They did, very shortly after taking over as new owners. They promised they would complete the Engine Upgrade project. They are close to finishing it - and it took them five times less time than Reloaded Productions. They promised they would produce new content for the game. They gave us a new weapon and also a legendary variant of it, two gamemodes, one of them entirely unique, while still being limited by the old and cluttered engine, and also a community event that got about 200 people posting in a Discord channel dedicated to it. Please start looking at what is actually happening with the game instead of keeping to your pessimistic outlook.
  14. I, uh... I honestly didn't think that me spotting that cpritcher is a valid username would count. That's... actually incredibly nice to hear. Though I still have a couple of reservations about the event (specifically, what it turned into at the final stretch - but that is not Little Orbit's fault), I really appreciate the event as a whole. The lore developments have been a great thing to follow. Once again, massive thanks to Little Orbit for organizing the event, and giving the community an opportunity to work together (for the most part :^) ) towards the goal. You've only been with us (the community) for a year and you've already given us so much. You are very much the heroes San Parites (or San Parians? ) need but don't deserve!
  15. Oh my god. Where/How did you find my wikia project? (Man, I really wish I could finish it one day. I stopped working on it when I realized I was doing this alone - and that there was so much to go through.)
  16. I was following an entirely different trail of reasoning. I guess it's not worth much at this point, since people found the blue line mask thing, but still, here's what I tried to do: There were talks of bruteforcing being part of the solving process, and I understood that 1) this is a signal to number-crunch the spectrogram symbol sheet, 2) some parts will have to be bruteforced/just put there to see if they fit. Maybe the math behind this is a bit farfetched, but... I dunno. It checks out for me, in a weird way. Somehow the numbers line up for me. It's probably all wrong, but I just want to get this out of my system. (image is from a private conversation) ("making all numbers check out" = meaning that the letters which correspond to the numbers used in the equations (C, L, D, A) are correct) Still, GG I guess. Thanks for the organizing, LO.
  17. @WitchQueen If I may ask... 1) "Saturday, March 30th, 10 PM"... in which timezone? 2) I have a separate character who looks like Matt Scott. In other words, I have a character on my account who looks like Matt Scott, but it isn't my main character. Can I still enter the contest on that alternate character?
  18. Let me preface this thread by saying that I am not pushing for any particular motion in here. All I want in here is to see other people's opinions on the subject, since I've been kind of thinking about it recently. This thread is not meant to try to persuade Little Orbit into making any decisions, but initiate a discussion. --- (If I remember correctly,) it has been stated in the past by Matt Scott that there are no plans to move away from the GamersFirst brand, as the name does represent the company's values - their customer base and their satisfaction are the most important. However, the name "GamersFirst" still has very negative connotations with a noticeable segment of the community. It has been used as the running name for the people who have made a lot of questionable decisions regarding APB and, according to some, have greatly contributed to the game's decline in popularity and quality, nearly killing the game altogether through negligence. To the apparent majority, "GamersFirst" as a brand means several years of false promises, bad decisions, and awful leadership. I myself am also slightly guilty of this kind of thinking. Whenever I discuss APB-related topics with my friends, I emphasize the difference between what it used to be and what it is now, differentiating between "pre-buyout GamersFirst" and "GamersFirst under LO". On that note, some of my friends are very reluctant to pick up the game, citing all the negative press the game has received in the past, and all the negative things they have heard about the company and the state of the game. This also ties in to a slightly different, but still related, issue of the game's title. The name shift from All Points Bulletin to APB: Reloaded when the game went free-to-play was meant to signify that it is being produced by a new team, with the subtitle "Reloaded" promising a new age, or a second chance for the game. This begs the question: should a new name, or a new subtitle, be given to the game after Little Orbit's takeover? Similar to the "Reloaded" subtitle, a rebranding could indicate a radical shift in the game's direction. It could potentially signify to the general public that the game is moving on and avoiding stagnation. However, on the other hand, it could just as well be seen as a futile effort to distance the game from its notoriously shabby past. I suppose I'll conclude the post by going back to the original point: Should Little Orbit distance themselves from the GamersFirst brand and restart with a relatively clean slate, or should they try to fix its reputation through proving that its customers do come first as a priority for the company? There are potential upsides and downsides to this decision, and I would love to hear other people's opinions on this subject.
  19. MartinPL

    Flintlock pistol

    Then please name some suggestions and explain why you want them! On that note, please explain why you want content replaced and not added, 'cause I'm not gonna lie, that's kind of weird. - long-term works on streamlining the game's code and releasing the long-awaited Engine Upgrade - the release of two unique proof-of-concept gamemodes for Halloween and Xmas despite still being limited by the old engine - the current conducting of an Alternate Reality Game, which expands upon the APB's lore and pushes the events forward - active communication with the playerbase and participation in its "life" through the forums and other avenues of communication (Discord, showing up on Twitch streams) but sure, call Little Orbit lazy instead, I guess.
  20. MartinPL

    Flintlock pistol

    So you haven't ever used the gun, but you have already made your mind up about it?
  21. I can't agree. While admittedly it's unrealistic, I feel like there would be many opportunities to practically catapult players onto roofs and other hard-to-reach (or impossible) places by using the momentum they keep upon ceasing contact with the roof. I adore the illustration though!
  22. I understand why they would go for a crawl release - to prevent people from instantly solving the whole puzzle and all of its parts right away. Still, I feel your pain here, but I don't think it's too bad (as in, it's not the lamest thing ever). After all, this is a series of puzzles, no matter how simple they might be. We aren't given the solution right away or such - for example, nobody told us to use 32584 in Armas, or that Armas would even be involved here. (Truth be told, I've always wanted to participate in an ARG kinda like this, but I've always been late to the party. And hey, this ARG is related to a fictional world that I already know and love!)
  23. It's... actually scarily apt. I've looked the same thing up on SpanishDict. Ain't that a prophetic name for a city.
  24. The lore itself is not concise about the exact term used to describe people of San Paro. You will see "San Paroites" in one place, "San Parites" in another, and "San Parians" even somewhere else. Think of that what you want - I personally like that touch of San Paro's culture not being uniformized in all aspects, not even the linguistic one. I mean, the city's in a terrible state due to the crime epidemic, I think the vocabulary is the least of their worries
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