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  1. I also lost a lot. I would put up with the loss of donat, weapons, etc. With the loss of all my 20kk But to lose almost all the content that I have been creating for 7 years, spending hundreds of hours ... Why should I do it all over again? I don’t have the opportunity to spend so much time in the game, for that there is the opportunity to spend money on it. But I will not do this, because everything that I liked in this game is lost, and apparently irrevocably ... Of course, I will try to write in support, but it is unlikely that they will help me there, so for earlier I want to wish everyone good luck in the game, because I will leave 100% if I do not have the opportunity to somehow return it. This is only a small part.
  2. Thanks to everyone, i hope that everything will be ok and a transfer will be reasonable.
  3. Good day to everyone. I want to tell you my opinion on Nekrova transfer and overall situation First, I want to tell you what is APB for me. For me, it is not just a game, but it is an every symbol I made. APB for me is an every single item, every t-shirt, every sweater and every pair of trousers. It is an every present from other players for me, every trifle APB for me is an every single costume i made from these t-shirts, trousers and other clothes APB for me is an every single mail, even the most unimportant one. All unsold items, and other items attached to the letters APB for me is a possibility to launch a game only to see again my clothes, check my mail, buy a premium and sort out my content, which i made during 7 years of playing. I spent both material and artistical resources for it. APB for me is ALL OF MY BOUGHT AND SELF-MADE CONTENT, IT IS WHOLE MY ACCOUNT, THOUSANDS OF GAMING HOURS, HUNDREDS OF $ AND 7 YEARS OF MEMORIES Instead of all of this, you want to give me a poor and neglected copy of my character on citadel, with a very doubtful compensation. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT CAN COMPENSATE ALL OF THIS If a developer can't solve this problem, noone else can. One thing I know for sure. If this transfer will remove my mailbox with items on my characters, If this transfer removes my favourite weapons, both armas and bought from other players for enormous amounts of ingame cash, collecting which took several years of my life If this transfer removes my favourite clothes, tactical vests, armor wests, balaclavas and other ones If this transfer removes any single thing from my account, which represents the soul of APB for me and which I love so much - this game will die for me forever There wasn't any transfer yet, but news about removing armas items and mailbox kills all my wishes to buy premium and to play this game, even with a free 2 weeks premium. Also, here is a link with a couple of my creations --> https://imgur.com/iIcYlVF https://imgur.com/33z1iET https://imgur.com/LV7B68P https://imgur.com/gH6nF0R https://imgur.com/t4AUfQG https://imgur.com/hnkfgIN https://imgur.com/1w7nksr https://imgur.com/bTYW8kD https://imgur.com/GVVNYzC https://imgur.com/fZAVkuY https://imgur.com/YGwLwCC https://imgur.com/1P06TkQ
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