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  1. @MattScott, Thank you very much for the honestly and hard work. No one though APB was going to be an easy task and for tho I really want to thank you and the team for not giving up and keep trying hard to improve the game. Keep up the hard work and more importantly don't give up.
  2. They are shutting down servers in few minutes. EDIT: Servers down. EDIT 2: they are pushing a 30mb update.
  3. No, network outage. EDIT: just managed to log into CITADEL.
  4. LO is clearly tying at their best to improve the game and working hard to try to add new content, they really don't deserve this kind of feedback. Sorry to disagree but they have been very transparent about their plans and when something dosen't go as planned they are the first to apologise and immediately try their best to solve the problems, learn from any mistake and improve.
  5. I think it could be cool to be able to pick others weapons, like any other game where you can do the same. CS:GO, PUBG, APEX, COD, FORTNITE, BATTLEFIELD, and the list goes on and on. Look at it this way you are about to run out of ammo and luckily there are some weapon on the ground you can pick and continue to fight. I understand some would be mad coz they have exclusive weapons they don't want others to have, but it could also be reworked so: 1) Weapons picked can't get reloaded, only what ever ammo left in the mag. 2) They will get automatically unequipped if no ammo is left in the mag, or after few minutes. NOTE: this is a cool feature but would need some sort of timer (weapons will disappear after a set timer) otherwise we will end in having hundreds of weapons laying on the floor in fightclub map. NOTE 2: disregard the above if you disagree and just fix it.
  6. Hey @Donjae, I get you are frustrated but I have to disagree with with your argument, LO had a rough start as they had to learn the game from scratch which is something that takes time. They have also done a great work at being transparent, working hard to improve the game and trying hard to keep players motivated. They have also improved the customer support and overall customer service and in mi opinion they have done surprisingly well even though 1) They don't have a huge work force and 2) had to work hard to learn & understand the game.
  7. It could be changed to APB: UPGRADED! On a serious note, like many others have suggested in this thread, I would rather having it changed to it's original name All Points Bulletin just for the sake of keeping it simple and true to its origin.
  8. Hey welcome to the forums! Probably join in some player events or staff organised events, will definitely hand around and try have some fun, if you want we could team up and play together.
  9. Yeah, your CPU is the issue there. Like I said APB heavily deppends on CPU due to being poorly optimised and if you wish to have a decent performance then you MUST get a better CPU. This is all based on personal testing I have carried out over the years on different PC builds. I have rule out ram, GPU, SSD or HDD, cooling temp, background programs, antivirus out of the cause of poor performance, and so did many members that did notice a massive improvement in the performance after upgrading CPU.
  10. The problem is your CPU, APB is poorly optimised and the performance heavily deppends on your CPU rather than GPU. You have got two options, upgrade your CPU or wait till the game gets the Engine Upgrade. I used to run the game on a old AMD Phenom ii x4 black edition at 3.5GHz and barely reached 40 to 60fps, and also had issues with lag. It all changed when I upgraded my PC to a INTEL Skylake Core i7 6700K CPU 4.5GHz in 2016, all issues gone and having 90 to 100 fps.
  11. The problem with macros is that most gaming gear comes with macroing tools. EAC is used in many games which allow the use of macros, however, I believe they can do tweaks on the EAC to monitor for macro software/tools (please do not quote me on that) if they plan to enforce rules against the use of macros. From experience macro is completely useless in FPS or TPS games including APB, if anyone finds it difficult to tap fire by default (right mouse click) then you can bind the fire function to the mouse scroll wheel and see if you like it. Macro is pointless and therefore from my point of view do not offer any unfair advantage.
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