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  1. I think everyone's missing the point by comparing the OPGL CD to the regular OPGL. This isn't a lethal weapon and shouldn't be compared to one. It's more like a primary PIG which has much better range, a huge area of effect, and 4 rounds per magazine. People are saying it's cheap because it has the same problems associated with quick switching like the NHVR 762 used to have, except worse since this is an AOE weapon which goes around corners and bypasses some forms of cover. Also because this is a LTL weapon instead of being lethal, this weapon basically ignores green mods like kevlar, clotting agent, and flak jacket. Even if you avoid taking the full 980 (cherry tap = stun) damage, in most cases it will take longer to recover from because clotting agent 3 doesn't work on stamina regeneration. Kevlar and flack jacket don't protect you either. Fragile users on the other hand are a bit ridiculous because their stamina isn't reduced like their health is. Probably going to be an unpopular opinion here but I think the way LTL weapons work could use a rework. For example, Instead of just making LTL weapons weaker than lethal counterparts but severely punishing to criminals, would it be better if LTL weapons were strong as their lethal counterparts, did not increase spawn times, but instead gave large cash and experience rewards to players who successfully arrest criminals?
  2. I've seen a few in fightclub recently which were pretty blatant, but still not nearly as much as it was before.
  3. I've seen one or two blatant cheaters in fightclub but that's about it lately. Overall much better than it was.
  4. This is why I don't bother with creative content contests anymore. No one bothers to enforce the rules as stated. It happened in the Airmech contest and it's still happening here.
  5. I still have a weapon which is character bound, but doesn't give me the option to upgrade to account bound for a discount Support ticket #84809.
  6. I don't know, I think it's kind of in a nice place as an accurate support weapon alternative to the ALIG. Don't want another instance of Shredder happening again too. But more importantly, I own a character bound version of the SWARM but it won't let me purchase an account bound one for a discount I may be nitpicking a bit, but rifled shotgun slugs are meant to shoot in smoothbore shotguns. Rifled shotguns are more for things like sabot slugs.
  7. The only real issues where LTL becomes OP are the result of the PIG having the ability to be hot garbage with certain weapon combinations like percs, ISSR B, and more rarely shotguns (the latter being more common in fightclub). Also I'm annoyed by the fact that fragile and Kevlar don't take stamina damage into account at all. Kevlar increases your health to resist damage from lethal bullets, but somehow is completely bypassed by beanbags and taser rounds. Meanwhile fragile just acts like a straight buff because your stamina is not reduced along with your health value.
  8. Do YOU even think before you speak? Your table just proved my point about the Artemis and Dog ear doing way higher amounts of damage to vehicles compared to other weapons. According to your own table, the Artemis and Shredder will have the exact same hard damage per second once they revert the rate of fire LMAO. Also the Shredder has always been one of the best shotguns to use for drive bys or against vehicles, so why is it only an issue now? Yes I do think it's fine for the shredder as an automatic shotgun to have better range, accuracy, and ammo capacity because it's not an NFAS. The only thing those two weapons have in common is that they are both automatic shotguns. One kills you almost immediately but has garbage accuracy and therefore range, the other out-ranges all other shotguns but has the 2nd slowest TTK of all shotguns only being faster than the Strife or pump shotguns with IR3. Even then it will still be out-ranged by pretty much any assault rifle which isn't the ACES. I thoroughly tested the Shredder's range in OTW with friends and we found the shotgun could only 3 shot kill within around 25 to 27 meters. regardless of if IR3 was installed or not. Basically if you're over 30 meters, the enemy has to take at least 4 shots and cannot kill you under 1.20 seconds. If they're using CJ3 where the 3 shot kill range is reduced to around 23 meters, then the minimum TTK beyond that point becomes 1.17 seconds at 4 shots. If you're somehow still managing to lose consistently against a Shredder from over 35 meters, you're probably a bronze.
  9. That’s why they’re making the fire rate lower. The trade off is supposed to be the Shredder has a longer TTK than other shotguns and needs to be used while aiming down the sights, in exchange for being able to reach out further than other shotguns. The JG should be better under 10 to 15 meters, while the Shredder should beat the JG from 16 to 30ish meters. Then the Ntec should outperform the Shredder at anything over 35 meters. Also the Dog Ear and Artemis are able to destroy people and cars alike at a much further distance than the Shredder. Maybe the per pellet damage multiplier could be reduced along with the fire rate to make the shotgun less forgiving, but if you’re running straight into an automatic shotgun user with your car and expecting not to be heavily damaged, you’re doing it wrong.
  10. Says the person who constantly reminds us about the Shredder (an armas item) being too strong.
  11. I like how when I point out that some Armas items are borderline overpowered, the general response was “lol get gud”. Yet when my favorite weapon goes from being mediocre garbage to absolutely destroying everything within 25 meters, everyone collectively loses their mind and forgets about all the other weapons which will easily destroy the Shredder at any range past 40 meters or within hugging distance. If you can beat an ATAC user, then you can kill a Shredder. They basically play the same way. “Lol get gud”.
  12. That's why I mentioned the volcano. I use it to air burst people out of cheap camping spots/rooftops with the item so we actually have a chance at winning. But not everyone owns a volcano and god help you if your team has not yet unlocked an OPGL either. Yeah I guess that doesn't really address the main issue I was going for. My biggest complaint with VIP is when they can just run the whole time by equipping car surfer and a deployable shield to become nigh untouchable when on top of a Vegas 4x4 circling the map at sanic speed. And that isn't even factoring in if they have another car escorting them. I think you're misunderstanding what I mean by car delivery missions. It's those missions where you have to grab 2 or 3 separate vehicles and drive them all to one drop off point. What tends to happen is the last car keeps getting blown up before you can get it out of the spawn area. The events tend to go in the following order: The enemy blows up the objective vehicle right after you get inside it, because the vehicle is either already heavily damaged, and/or there's an ALIG hiding around a corner. You respawn and clear out the area by killing the entire enemy team to get the car safely. It doesn't matter because the entire enemy team spawns like 50 meters away from the objective and blows you up again. Rinse and repeat.
  13. I think the 2v2 issues could be solved if both teams were allowed to call backup until each team has at least 3 or 4 players. Some other balances are desperately needed though: VIP missions are just a painful experience regardless of which side I play on. They take way too long and really need an overhaul of some sort. I think it would be MUCH better to do it the way Asylum has it so that each team has a VIP to protect. Item hold missions are just a mess. there are way too many cheesy ways to make the mission unwinnable if the attacking team doesn't have a Volcano or car surfer + ALIG. At the moment I am unsure how they could be reworked in a way which makes them less annoying/unfair. Someone mentioned car delivery missions are also quite annoying when people keep blowing up the vehicles right after they spawn. Maybe make it so that anyone who destroys a delivery mission vehicle automatically get a bounty placed on them, regardless of which team they're on? Delivery missions can range anywhere from absolutely fine to HELL ON EARTH. I think this has more to do with the way players interact with items than the mission type itself. For example, if your team's drop off location is in a place where it's hard/impossible to bring a vehicle next to, AND all the objectives are all heavy items. Two things can be done about this. 1. For the love of god get rid of heavy items as an objective when items cannot be dropped off from inside your vehicle. 2. Make it so that players can move at full speed with medium items, but restrict the use of their weapons. This way people don't need to use janky workarounds like continuously dropping suitcases while jumping to move around faster.
  14. I have absolutely no idea how you came to that conclusion. Just... what?!
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