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  1. You damaged my soul with that screenshot. I'd hate to see your apartment/room/house.
  2. OP literally wrote "Or we could... just get rid of carspawners..." Getting outmanouvered = "some stupid tactic".
  3. I don't understand why you'd remove mobile spawn points. They are not breaking the balance, they are the balance, which people who refuse to use complain about and also seem to forget to destroy and then complain about the enemy spawning in good locations in vehicles. Remove the radar tower though, yeah, along with spotter, or at least make it so you can see yourself if you are spotted, because the enemy having a free "wallhack" on you without you knowing it is actually unbalanced. Could also make yourself show up on radar if you spot someone. That's another option.
  4. Servers stuck in customs, means that LO did not have the correct paperwork filled out the right way when they sent the shipment
  5. I did it gently not to be rude but I don't want to go off topic with the color stuff.
  6. The old one was of course better. Poor low ranked players. Bronzes getting matched against golds etc. An example: Got matched against 2 bronzes. Of course they had absolutely no chance. I shadowplayed it just to display the well known fact of how hard the game is as a new player.
  7. Instead of lowering its price, buff it and you'll save some money. Just kidding I already received my refund. Thank you.
  8. I've been one of the people testing for a little while and no problems this far. Seems to improve performance but I can't swear on it.
  9. increasing max bloom by 75% is too much. Could have told you EDIT: current value is 1.6, so 2.8 is an increase with 75%
  10. It was sarcasm .. I'll update my post to make that clear
  11. They said a week ago there might be some problems so all problems are therefore acceptable. Edit: I was being sarcastic.
  12. I always say that the scoped N-tec is the balanced n-tec. Then you take the current scoped n-tec and increase the differentiating features compared to the normal n-tec a little more and there you go. Not saying that I think it needs changing though, but I get it and I'd be fine with it.
  13. ye it is funny that they are here for the same reason yet telling the others that they shouldn't bother. haha
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