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  1. Min damage range is therefore 55 meters. Not 15. Patch notes says: Min Damage Range: 15m. @SkittyM Yes, Kev is right that they made a mistake, which is exactly what I said to begin with. But you know, when I say things, nobody says I'm right. Someone else says the same thing, they're so right, even though I'm the one who said it fist. People never f-ing listen to me. They're just determined to oppose anything I say, even if I'm right.
  2. That's the mistake. Minimum damage range is at what range it reaches minimum damage. Not how fast it drops. Minimum damage range = dropoff range + dropoff rate (40+15 instead of 40+25). Because there is no way it does minimum damage at 15 meters.
  3. I think so too. Simplest, most effective solution. From 3 to 2. Done. And then change it so you get to keep 2 with flak jacket, making yolos the upside of nades with flak.
  4. "RFP: ... Min Damage Range: 25m -> 15m" Umm... I don't think that's right....
  5. SilverCrow


    I was trying to help you by pointing out a problem in your reasoning. You've refused to even address my point but you've called me a troll, provocateur and now a liar.
  6. SilverCrow


    Are you sure about that? Because you're wrong. I know for a fact people are getting banned. Cheats are actually getting detected and people are banned instantly for using them, within minutes. I'm not allowed to discuss cheats here, so I can't tell you more. But you are simply wrong.
  7. SilverCrow


    I simply explained why I think your idea wouldn't work. Result: you call me a "troll or provocateur". If I wasn't used to nonsense like this I'd say something rude.
  8. SilverCrow


    You're saying bad people with their comments are ruining the game, yet you want to bring back a list with names of who gets banned. Do you understand what that would lead to? .. answer: the exact same thing you're complaining about. That's like saying you don't want cancer and then demand that they build your house on top of nuclear waste.
  9. At this point, don't we all already know the answers to this? A clue is that nobody ever has or ever will get banned for manual edits to the shader files and that in 3.5 that stuff will get locked and all edits you'll be allowed to make will be doable from within the game. Using any third party tools to do it except for advanced launcher can however get you banned.
  10. Yes, I know. But knowing why it happens does not equal a solution.
  11. Yep I got it too on my second account. Not on my main account. I don't know why because I'm using the same static IP and the same PC.
  12. Earlier the same day I also got his: And my second account was trade blocked just before this also. Seems like a string of bugs, related or not I couldn't know. I'm not experiencing these as ongoing, so I'm not going to contact support.
  13. Got this now (first time ever) Using same PC, same IP (static). Windows update is on auto. Only got it on one of my two accounts I used last two days.
  14. That depends on what you mean by "things".
  15. Stop making sense you guys. I'm trying to be funny here
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