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  1. If it's the "good players" balancing them now, then obviously that isn't working either
  2. Exactly right. Plus, it was a new game mode, so naturally people are going to try it. Hell, even I played it....once. The active player base is also only about 470 players currently (half of what it was when LO took over). so 40% of that is a measly 190 people. That's another interesting stat.
  3. Honestly, I wouldn't play APB if I had 270 ms. But if I was silver and had 270 ms and wanted to play, I'd play in bronze district.
  4. Classic BR has "wider skill gap"? Wider than what? It's a very simple game mode. How could classic BR "double down" on a problematic game element that it doesn't even have? (Respawns) I don't understand what you're saying.
  5. It's confusing to me that in the recent past it was said that RIOT sort of HAS TO be a hit, making it feel really important to be a success, but in this post it sounds like it was merely sort of a good opportunity for the dev team to learn some stuff and it's not so important if it failed. I don't understand. I don't think RIOT can be "fixed" by doing something about the separate issues etc. It's like putting new furniture in a house that people are not going to live in anyway. For both new and old players, neither seem to be finding RIOT appealing enough. I feel sure the main problem is the game mode itself, the mechanics etc are just not fun enough. Therefore my question is if there are the any plans on trying out making a classic BR mode for APB instead?
  6. Imagine the conversation, trying to get a new player to join: - So you should try APB. it's F2P and has RIOT mode. - What's RIOT? - It's like gas that shrinks the map and you have to stay alive - So, you mean Battle Royale? - No, well... yes... but.. the players have to like... arm devices which releases the gas and then bribe some driver to drive them out of there. And the gas is limited to city blocks, not a shrinking circle. But you can't just arm any device, you have to first find these codes that you enter, and you need a hazmat suit, plus you earn money and can buy weapons I think. - huh? You mean I have to run around keeping track of all that? - Well yeah, if you want to win - But if I die, it's over so, last person wins anyways right? - Well, you can respawn in the gas and you have to run and hope you don't die before you get out of it. - ??? are you kidding me? - No. But like, they are fixing it. - What do you mean fixing it? I don't even want to play that. It's sounds like a chore and a mess. - Okay then, but if you decide to try it anyway you should wait because it's not done yet and there are many bugs and bad features, plus it crashes for many people. - Dude, I'm not gonna try that. It sounds horrible. The conversation could have been: - So you should try APB. it's F2P and has classic BR. - OK, so just normal BR, and F2P? - Yeah - Cool, I'll check it out! You need to understand how people are thinking, what people want. It's so basic!
  7. It's not as much the bugs or missing features etc as the game mode itself. I don't think it can be fixed. People would play classic, simple BR. Why do you think people like fight club and protested when it was going to be removed? Still more people do Fight club than RIOT. The players want to get in, simple game mode, play, shoot, win. They can't be bothered with all those mechanics. Scrap RIOT.
  8. I changed my mind: Taking advice from/surrounding themselves with the wrong people. Since RIOT wont be a hit (I hope I'm wrong!), the big investments for this whole project won't be earned back in time for things to go as planned before the population continues to plummet to a level where it wont be financially viable to keep APB afloat. Especially seeing the 50% drop in average players online since LO took over a year ago. I don't think it'll work out, unfortunately.
  9. I've been around since open beta. I know all that. To answer you: Because curiosity is one of the biggest selling points. If that gets satisfied to a too large extent it affects sales negatively. I have first hand experience with it in my job. I do product development, marketing etc.
  10. The majority voting Yes, probably are imagining that they'll get to use cool weapons they don't own, which is counterproductive to selling stuff on armas, which already has free trials. For BR mode it makes sense though.
  11. I think a completely classic BR would be the best. Shrinking circle and all that. Simple and effective. New players don't have to learn anything new. LO, you want to get new players in , don't you? It's been proven over and over how addictive and successful that game mode is. Why try to reinvent the wheel when there is something that you know works extremely well? Millions of people play classic BR every day, for a reason. This "we don't want to make a classic BR" is silly. Like, who are they trying to impress with that? They should put their pride to the side. Don't let one guy's stubborn ideas get in the way because that's how businesses fail. I feel there's too many Yes-men around whoever is coming up with the ideas. It's like they decided to sort of "sell out" to the BR idea to attract new players, but they want to pretend that they didn't fully give in to it. Like, if they're gonna do it, then do it! And do it the way it's been proven to work. They said it NEEDS to be a hit. Well, do it they way it's been a hit then and stop jerking off to your own ideas. Sorry for the language. If it NEEDS to be a hit then why are they coming up with something new that they don't know if it will work!? How smart is that? Do what you KNOW works if it HAS TO work.
  12. thanks! As you can see, it went from about 70% on Yes, down to 37% right away (correct me if I'm wrong). Huge difference It'll probably go down a bit more.
  13. EAC: yup RIOT : nope If you'd do separate polls for EAC and RIOT, you'd probably get a much different result since those happy with the timing of EAC release but not with RIOT will probably get baked into the YES category on this one. Also, it would depend on if they are marketing it now or not. Marketing an unfinished Beta is not a good idea in a F2P model.
  14. Honestly, when I think about it, plain simple BR would probably be better IMO. People know BR. They can just get in and play. Sometimes less is more.
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