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  1. Anderzzon

    Will the ffa r and d 3 be back

    It has less zoom than an OBIR when in marksman mode. Everything else is identical. So it's not a pure reskin like the CR-5 for example.
  2. Anderzzon

    Ultra wide

    It obviously lets you see further to the sides. But realistically it won't be much of an advantage.
  3. Anderzzon

    Ultra wide

    I play 3440x1440 res and it works flawlessly as far as i know. I haven't had any issues.
  4. Anderzzon

    Joker Vegas 4x4

    Don't get the firebomb as your first 4x4. Get the costumizable 4 open slots version first!
  5. One quick temporary fix would be to reinstate the penalty for joining the district threat below your own. This was removed a few years back for reasons i can't remember. I believe that the penalty for joining silver districts as a gold was 25% less money and experience gained. Which is not a huge amount. But it might push some golds back to gold districts.
  6. Hello stalker!