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  1. theres just tooo much stuff in the hud. can u make it more simple. and is it true theres no more 1024x768 res? whats the lowest you can go?
  2. twitch tv and search apb reloaded
  3. so you telling me people would waste more money on joker box for Jts instead of actually buying account bound weapon? it didn't affect me one bit. btw kids don't have money. if they use parents credit card they be dead.
  4. everyone was unban and that was the second chance? did they not learn from their pass experience. NO, seems like cheaters cheat again and again. soo noo more chances unless there was a fault EAC work perfectly. If u cheated u deserved to be banned.
  5. but everyone going to play full screen though??
  6. Can you please sell them 3 open slot. I don't think people buy them due to the mods in the gun.
  7. So I was watching someone stream, and i saw this guy who has transparency box mission description and i was hoping if someone could tell me how to do it? config ? because i am having trouble seeing white text over yellow background.
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