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  1. those symbols look awesome great work to who ever made them.
  2. Would love too see this eventually added to the game hope they take you up on your offer even if they don't use it in they next couple of years or so. It's something worth just grabbing because the modeling is done and its in the lore of the game and not just some kind of fan concept map.
  3. Welcome Sakebee hope your enjoying your new role and as a reminder this community can be a little too harsh at times so don't take anything too personally, this game has pretty much went through development hell over the years so some peoples patients on things are at an all time low and people will get snippy quite easily at times just remain smart and level headed with responding to those kind of people and you should be good.
  4. Hope all is well for Lixil and wish whoever gets the CM position good luck.
  5. Social is still down one of the Fight clubs is down and the prototypes are down for Jericho
  6. Even tho i did finish the Halloween event there were many who were still working on it when i got off early this morning and if the down time takes up most of the day y'all should probably extent the event by at least one day.
  7. Thanks this helps me big time since i have to do all of my characters, 1 down 2 more to go.
  8. Looks like I'll be grinding all of my characters this year can't wait to play it.
  9. that would be a cool costume. and It's likely the designer its very finicky like even when you re-project them on the angle you want it, it doesn't always work out or you have to like layer them in a way it just a lot of trial and error.
  10. I would love to see your costume. originally i was going to make vault boy but nothing was working out properly so my second choice was Sanders.
  11. Me as Colonel Sanders. Character: Tr3nt Server: Jericho
  12. Nice, but i got a question will Purple and Orange pumpkins drop the same items as previous years? or do they all drop new stuff?
  13. Cool but wished they had more phone options even tho they still probably wouldn't carry my phone.
  14. I have kinda mixed feeling about this especially the future of APB Reloaded. Like If you do decide to make a "New" APB can you still make the game look and feel like a APB game but just with another name or will that wont even be possible? If so then that good so you aren't totally limiting yourself. but if not i think this might have been a bad move in the long run.
  15. When i first saw the title of this topic i was like oh f**k no but thanks for clarifying that there will be mirrored servers which i will totally be ok with but make sure the east coast server is either in New York or DC.
  16. wow kinda shocked this was added but glad it did happen, now all that needs to be changed is the drop rate for joker tickets.
  17. Nice hope this makes Jericho more stable.
  18. This is something that would most likely happen when we are in Unreal 4 and not Unreal 3.5. but i do agree I would love to be able to go in more buildings and be able to sit in seats and what not.
  19. Thanks to yall from the SPCT for sharing some nice screenshots they'll make for some great wallpaper.
  20. I might be fine with it in fight club but it depends how much it changes the feel of it, like if it feels more chaotic then no. but if you do want to go down this route i suggest doing a trial for a week to get peoples opinions on it.
  21. ah ok, just they way you said it sounded like you didnt know it was a going to be a longer then normal maintenance.
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