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  1. oh man, good thing /no one/ will miss you
  2. kvze


    Then I'll finally be at 10 posts.
  3. Yeah this issue happens alot, its mainly because Jericho alone is being targeted. Like Matt said, there is an exploit, being used and they're trying to find out what it is.
  4. this explains pretty much everyone on jericho rn
  5. Keep it up fellas, you got this. If people get upset with you guys over not being able to have apb up for a day then they should probably relax with being so involved, and let the new owners deal with it.
  6. Simply because of IR, however alot of the time it is how you use the weapon, same goes for most of the weapons anyways. Alot of the time it depends on the people trying to find their right choice of weapon to use thats comfortable with them. I have roughly 3k hours and I'm still trying to find kits that seem decent to me.
  7. kvze


    APB: Reloaded APB Reloading: APB APB: Shooting
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