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  1. The Old Glory out of all of them
  2. the argument for the n-tec is that it's the most balanced weapon in the game and that other weapons should be brought up to it's standards, but the N-HVR is just a monster.. Increase time to switch by 30% and decrease damage to 700-750 and it'll be better
  3. Cheers to the person in support who finally gets to my ticket and realizes it was in the last step when they closed it and just changes the email lol I really want to play this game again.. wanted to for the last 2 weeks
  4. Or don't read, and keep coming off as challenged. It's cool, I've been done with this conversation
  5. Battleeye doesn't really rely on what you send to the exe that's running APB, it just runs when you run APB and shuts APB down if something blocks it. If I remember correctly, Battleeye is just a better version of EAC, and both enter your actual operating system and can see logs and such. Trying to send a bypass or a proxy just locks you up None of this is important though. My question was answered.
  6. Battleeye detects when a machine has changed it's HWID through HKEY_Local_machine to stop cracked versions of DLCs and other bypasses.. Try again.
  7. you can change IP. You cannot change your HWID.
  8. Fair enough. While on the topic, do you know if they will start IP banning or even mac address/HWID banning with battleeye?
  9. I don't think they care much for who is and isn't cheating at this point since they get unbanned with the next patch lol
  10. OCA beats CAP40 every time.. that's what that means
  11. The Dog Ear is actually god tier if you know how to time the shots correctly the LCR is godly at long range The Thumper actually has a lower TTK than any other shotgun besides the NFAS (with higher range) The shredder is a good hybrid for killing both people and hard targets although a damage increase wouldn't make it op I'm just bringing these up because people seem to put them down just because they don't like playing with them.. Also, they broke the COBR-A when they took away the instant bloom reset so it's total crap
  12. This isn't a discussion about cheating. Can we get back on topic? Can we make the COBR-A back to the weapon is was when it came out? Instantly resetting spread bloom so it's a slightly slower mid-ranged PMG? No idea what to do with the SBRS Increase damage on the shredder Increase fire rate just slightly on the LCR and the ISSR
  13. I just hope they either create new loyalty rewards (maybe reskins of legendaries with open slots like euryale is) or give "veteran spenders" a chance to get a refund on the G1c difference in prices
  14. How did the OBIR even come up? It's TTK is already terrible lol
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