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  1. any updates/news on the second unban wave yet for the people who got FF ban'd but are yet to be unblocked.
  2. y u censor xd anyway probably send to support with the screenshot and they'll probably ban them
  3. It's only been less than a month since Little Orbit took over. You want the old G1 back? The one who doesn't really talk to the community? At least give them another month or two.
  4. Will the other servers get the same treatment as well? or only Citadel and Nekrova is needed to be updated?
  5. People like you is why we can't have nice things. I'm sure there's many people out there like you too. Can we be patient for once? We are having more progress than what old G1 made in like 3 years and they are actually communicating with us. Isn't this what you people were complaining about before? The fact that old G1 didn't communicate with us? Now they are trying to do that but you just find another problem to complain about. I know hackers and annoying and all but just deal with it already and wait a few weeks or so.
  6. i said this before but my estimate is it would come out around 30th May if not early June. Since Matt Scott made his open letter on 10th May and said that BattleEye is 3/4 complete on the stream at 25th May, it took 15 days to complete 3/4 of BattleEye integration. Considering LO works at the same pace it should be on the 30th May. But if you include testing and polishing it should extend till early June. Worst case scenario probably mid-June
  7. i'm sure they will do something to bring back the game. Right now their main focus on BattleEye integration. Also the refer a friend system was easily exploitable. Maybe if they could make it a way so that it's more fair
  8. this. Latency and all is fine it just teleports or it doesn't respond (packet loss)
  9. It's probably better than FairFight so I'll take it. There is no perfect anti-cheat and yes people will keep complaining because someone who is better than you = hacks. *math* (not counting timezone n stuff just the day) Matt Scott joined and posted the open letter on 10th May Stream was on 25th May On the stream,battle eye integration was 3/4 done It took 15 days to integrate 3/4 of BattleEye Assuming they work at the same rate, BattleEye will be implemented on 30th May then again this is just a rough estimation lol
  10. isn't VAC bans only in games made by Valve? There needs to be some deals made between BE and Valve for it to happen. It is a neat idea but I don't think it's gonna happen
  11. I don't play the game for medals and stuff. Just play the game and it comes naturally so I can't understand your feeling but I don't mind unbanning the bans because FairFight (and any anti-cheat system) do occasionally false ban and probably most of those banned probably moved on to other games. If they decide to cheat again, then they should be banned. That's just my opinion.
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